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Oracle® Server X6-2 Installation Guide

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Updated: January 2021

Test the IPv4 or IPv6 Network Configuration

Use either the Oracle ILOM web interface or CLI to test the IPv4 or IPv6 network configuration:

  1. From the Oracle ILOM web interface:
    1. From the ILOM Administration → Connectivity screen, click the Tools button at the bottom of the screen.

      The Network Configuration Test screen appears.

      image:This is an image of the Network Configuration Test                                         screen, from which you can issue a Ping or Ping6                                         test.
    2. From the Test Type list box, select Ping (for an IPv4 configuration) or Ping6 (for an IPv6 network configuration).
    3. Type the IPv4 or IPv6 test destination address in the Destination field and click Test.

      If the test was successful, the message Ping of ip_address succeeded message appears below the Destination field in the Network Configuration Test screen.

  2. From the Oracle ILOM CLI:
    1. At the CLI prompt, type the show command to view the network test targets and properties.

      For example, the following output shows the test target properties:

      -> show
       ping = (Cannot show property)
       ping6 = (Cannot show property)
    2. Use the set ping or set ping6 command to send a network test from the device to a network destination specified in the following table:
      Set Property Value
      set ping=<IPv4_address>
      Type the set ping= command at the command prompt followed by the IPv4 test destination address. For example:-> set ping=
      Ping of succeeded
      set ping6= <IPv6_address>
      Type the set ping6= command followed by the IPv6 test destination address. For example:-> set ping6=2001::db8:5dff:febe:5000
      Ping of 2001::db8:5dff:febe:5000 succeeded