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Oracle® Server X6-2 Installation Guide

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Updated: January 2021

Software Releases

Software releases on My Oracle Support are grouped by product family (such as Oracle Server), then the product (the specific server or blade), and finally the software release version. A software release contains all the updated software and firmware for your server or blade as a set of downloadable files (patches), including firmware, drivers, tools, or utilities, all tested together to be compatible with your server.

Each patch is a zip file that contains a ReadMe file and a set of subdirectories containing firmware or software files. The ReadMe file contains details on the components that have changed since the prior software release and the bugs that have been fixed.

My Oracle Support provides the set of software releases for your server as described in the following table. You can obtain these software releases by downloading the files from My Oracle Support.

Table 9  Software Release Packages
Package Name
When to Download This Package
X6-2 SW release – Firmware Pack
Contains all system firmware, including Oracle ILOM, BIOS, and option card firmware.
You need the latest firmware.
X6-2 SW release – OS Pack
Includes a package of all tools, drivers, and utilities for a specific OS. An OS Pack is available for each supported operating system version.
Software includes Oracle Hardware Management Pack, LSI MegaRAID software, and any other optional software that Oracle recommends.
For the Windows OS, the OS Pack also includes Intel Network Teaming and Install Pack.
You need to update OS-specific tools, drivers, or utilities.
X6-2 SW release – All Packs
Includes the Firmware Pack, all OS Packs, and all documents.
This pack does not include Oracle VTS image.
You need to update a combination of system firmware and OS-specific software.
X6-2 SW release – Diagnostics
Includes Oracle VTS diagnostics image.
You need the Oracle VTS diagnostics image.