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Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: April 2018

Using ilomconfig to Configure Oracle ILOM

ilomconfig allows you to configure Oracle ILOM service processors from the host OS without having to connect to the management network. You can target ilomconfig changes to either the local or a remote Oracle ILOM service processor.

ilomconfig also functions as an XML builder by either exporting the configuration of an Oracle ILOM service processor to an existing XML file, or creating a new XML file. These XML files can then be used for subsequent restore operations on compatible Oracle ILOM service processors.

You can also use ilomconfig to configure a Host-to-ILOM Interconnect on platforms that support this configuration. For more information on Host-to-ILOM Interconnect, see Host-to-ILOM Interconnect.

Note -  There are some limitations to using ilomconfig tool for SPARC M5-32, M6-32 and M7 servers. Refer to the Release Notes for more information.

The following table shows the information covered in this section.

Learn about the ilomconfig command
Import or Export XML configurations
View system and SP information
Modify Oracle ILOM configurations
Configure the Host-to-ILOM Interconnect