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Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: April 2018

Set the First Boot Device for the Next Boot

This procedure shows how to set the first boot device for the next boot only. To change the boot device for successive boots, see Make a Persistent Change to Boot Order.

Here is an example of using the –set_boot_override command that specifies the first boot device as the PXE server on only the next boot:

  1. To create an XML file containing the current boot order of your system, type:

    # biosconfig -get_boot_order filename.xml

  2. Edit XML text so that the device that you want to boot first is between the <FIRST> tags.

    In this example, the PXE device is the first boot device.

    The following is an example of the resulting XML file.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <HELP_STRING>FIRST=Choose one of: pxe, cdrom, disk,
    floppy, bios, none</HELP_STRING>
          <HELP_STRING>CLEAR_CMOS=Choose Yes, No or leave it
    empty, .....</HELP_STRING>
          <DEVICE_NAME>USB:Port1:Memorex DVD+-RAM 510L v1</DEVICE_NAME>
          <DEVICE_NAME>SATA:3M-MRVLRD 200254-01SUN24G 0801</DEVICE_NAME>
          <DEVICE_NAME>USB:Port0:SanDisk Cruzer Contour</DEVICE_NAME>
          <DEVICE_NAME>IB:Slot2.F0:PXE:MLNX HCA IB 1.9.972 (PCI 07:00.
          <DEVICE_NAME>PXE:IBA GE Slot 00C8 v1324</DEVICE_NAME>
  3. To set the boot order, type:

    # biosconfig -set_boot_override filename.xml