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Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: April 2018

Capture the BIOS CMOS Golden Image

The BIOS configuration consists of the contents of the CMOS and the boot tables in the NVRAM. The command biosconfig –get_CMOS_dump captures the 256 bytes of CMOS, but it does not gather the boot table information from NVRAM. So this command might not capture the boot-order information, unless the bootable I/O configurations for the source and destination machines are the same.

  1. To generate a golden (known reliable) CMOS image, use the BIOS Setup Utility to configure the BIOS settings.
  2. To capture the 256 bytes of CMOS containing the configuration information, type:

    # biosconfig -get_CMOS_dump filename.xml

    The following display shows an example of the output.

    Copyright (C) SUN Microsystems 2009.
    BIOSconfig Utility Version 2.1
    Build Date: Jul 16 2009
    Build Time: 15:55:12
    BIOSconfig Specification Version 2.4

    The following example shows an XML file containing the CMOS configuration information:

          <HELP_STRING>FIRST=Choose one of: pxe, cdrom, disk, floppy,
    bios, none</HELP_STRING>
          <HELP_STRING>CLEAR_CMOS=Choose Yes, No or leave it empty,

    Note - The data between the <CMOS_DUMP> element tags contains raw CMOS data.