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Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: April 2018

fwupdate Command Prerequisites

The following prerequisites must be met before using the fwupdate command:

  • You must have root permission to run fwupdate commands on Unix-based platforms, or administrator permission for Windows platforms.

  • Before using the fwupdate command to update device firmware, you must quiesce the device.


    Caution  -  System hang or data loss. Before updating device firmware, make sure that the device is quiesced.

  • When updating the firmware on a hard drive, the following prerequisites must be met:

    • Make sure that the operating system is not accessing the disk (for example, the system boot disk).

    • Make sure that an application is not accessing the disk (for example, a database application).

    • If hardware RAID is being used on the system, make sure that the RAID controller is not accessing the disk (for example, if it is rebuilding an array or is in a degraded state). You can use raidconfig to check the state of the arrays.

    • For Oracle Solaris systems, after hot-plugging a device, run the devfsadm -C command to re-enumerate all of the system device nodes before running the fwupdate command.

  • Updating Emulex and QLogic Fiber Channel controller firmware using fwupdate requires the Emulex and QLogic vendor tools provided with Oracle Hardware Management Pack for Oracle Solaris. If they are not installed, you need to install them, refer to the Oracle Hardware Management Pack for Oracle Solaris Installation Guide.