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Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: April 2018

fwupdate Command Syntax

The fwupdate command uses the following syntax:

fwupdate subcommand target options

If you use the –-help or –-version options, the fwupdate command does not require subcommands; otherwise a subcommand is mandatory.

When a command fails, it returns one of the failure codes listed in fwupdate Error Codes.

fwupdate supports the subcommands listed in the following table.

Provides firmware information about a device or a file. For targets and options specific to the list subcommand, see Listing Component Firmware Information.
Updates the firmware of one or more system components based on command-line directives. Devices can be updated automatically using metadata information contained in an XML file included with the device patch (recommended), or updated manually using a firmware image file. For targets and options specific to the update subcommand, see Updating Component Firmware.
Resets the specified device if the device supports a reset. Perform a reset on a device after a firmware update (if required). In some cases where the metadata used in an automatic mode firmware update does not automatically reset a device that requires one, this subcommand can be used. For targets and options specific to the reset subcommand, see Reset a Device After a Firmware Update.

The options listed in the following table apply to all Oracle Hardware Management Pack CLI Tools commands, including fwupdate.

Short Option
Long Option
–?, –h
Displays help information.
Displays the tool version.