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Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: April 2018

View biosconfig Command Options

  • To view the help output, execute the biosconfig command without arguments. Type:

    # biosconfig

    For example:

    # biosconfig
    Copyright (C) SUN Microsystems 2009.
    BIOSconfig Utility Version 2.2.5
    Build Date: Jan 11 2010
    Build Time: 01:22:05
    BIOSconfig Specification Version 2.4
    Usage: biosconfig [-v] option [filename]
    Example: biosconfig -get_version output.xml
    [-v] Verbose on. Only valid if a xml input/output filename is provided
    [Filename] Name of the XML output (or input) file for get (or set)
    command (optional).
    get commands will output to the console if the filename
    is not provided
    set commands will get input from the console if the filename
    is not provided
    Available options (Required):
    -get_version Get version of this tool
    -get_boot_order Get the BOOT Devices list
    -set_boot_order Set the BOOT Devices list
    -get_bios_settings Get setup configuration from BIOS
    -set_bios_settings Set setup configuration to BIOS ROM
    -get_CMOS_dump Get 256 bytes CMOS setup data from BIOS
    -set_CMOS_dump Set 256 bytes of CMOS setup data to BIOS