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Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: April 2018

ubiosconfig Command Syntax

The ubiosconfig commands use the following command syntax:

ubiosconfig subcommand type [option]

If you use the –-help or –-version options, the ubiosconfig command does not require subcommands, otherwise one or more subcommands are mandatory.

When a command fails, it returns one of several failure codes listed in ubiosconfig Error Codes.

The options listed in the following table apply to all CLI Tools commands including ubiosconfig.

Short Option
Long Option
–?, –h
Displays help information.
Displays the tool version.

When accessing a service processor, ubiosconfig can be used over a local Host-to-ILOM interconnect or a remote Ethernet network connection. When issuing a ubiosconfig command that accesses the service processor, credentials are not required when using the Host-to-ILOM interconnect, but they are required for an Ethernet network connection.

Note -  For systems with an Oracle ILOM version earlier than 3.2.4, to use a LAN interface (either the Host-to-ILOM interconnect or Ethernet network connection) you must manually include credentials using the -H and -U options for commands that access a service processor. If credentials are not provided the commands will default to the slower local KCS interface to access the local Oracle ILOM service processor.

The options listed in the following table are supported for ubiosconfig over a network connection.

Short Option
Long Options
This option is followed by the host name or IP address of the remote service processor.
This option is followed by the user name with root access used to log in to the remote service processor.

For example:

# ubiosconfig export all --remote_hostname=address --remote_username=username

where address is the remote host name or IP address (in xx.xx.xx.xx format) of the target server's service processor, and username is the user name with login access rights to perform the operation.

You are prompted for the password for this user name when accessing the remote Oracle ILOM service processor.

ubiosconfig supports the subcommands listed in the following table.

Import a configuration XML file that will be applied to the server's UEFI BIOS at next boot.
Export the server's UEFI BIOS configuration to a local XML file.
Cancel pending UEFI BIOS configuration changes.
List status information regarding pending UEFI BIOS import or export operations.
Reset the server's UEFI BIOS configuration to factory default at next boot.