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Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: April 2018

Reset a Device After a Firmware Update

After firmware for a device has been updated, the device might need to be reset. This requirement is different with each device; the reset functionality might be part of the update procedure or a separate function. To determine if your device requires a reset after a firmware update, consult the release notes included with your firmware.

  • To reset a device, type:

    fwupdate reset target -n devicename

    The reset subcommand supports the following targets:

    Supported SAS expanders.
    Supported controllers, such as storage and networking.
    The Oracle ILOM service processor on an x86 or SPARC system.

    Note -  This target has been deprecated and is replaced by the sysfw target.

    The Oracle ILOM service processor on an x86 or SPARC system.

    Options for the reset subcommand are listed in the following table.

    Short Option
    Long Option
    Required option followed by a mandatory parameter which designates a single device. Where the device name is the common-mapped device name shown when using the fwupdate list all command. For information about device names, see CLI Tools Device-Naming Convention.

    Usage examples:

    • To reset the Oracle ILOM service processor:

      # fwupdate reset sysfw -n devicename

      Where devicename is the device ID of the service processor as derived from the fwupdate list all command. This command only resets the service processor. It does not reset the host.

    • To reset a specific controller, type:

      # fwupdate reset controller -n c2

      This command resets the controller identified as c2 when using the fwupdate list all command.