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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide, Release OS8.7.x

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Updated: November 2018

Other Properties

The following properties are available: Project Default, Filesystem Local, Space Management, Read-only, and Custom.

Project default

The project default properties are set on a project, but do not affect the project itself. They are used to populate the initial settings when creating a filesystem or LUN, and can be useful when shares have a common set of non-inheritable properties. Changing these properties do not affect existing shares, and the properties can be changed before or after creating the share.

Filesystem local

The filesystem local properties apply only to filesystems, and are convenience properties for managing the root directory of the filesystem. They are not inherited and cannot be set on projects. These access control properties can also be set by in-band protocol operations.

Space management

The space management properties (quota and reservation) apply to both shares and projects, but are not inherited. A project with a quota of 100G will be enforced across all shares, but each individual share will have no quota unless explicitly set.

Read only

The read-only properties represent statistics about the project and share and cannot be changed. The most common properties of this type are space usage statistics.


Custom properties are user-defined using a schema. For more information, see Working with Schemas.