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Oracle® ILOM Protocol Management Reference SNMP and IPMI Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: August 2017

IPMItool and Oracle ILOM Requirements

Prior to using the IPMItool to execute Oracle ILOM commands, review these requirements:

  • Use the latest IPMItool that is available from the Oracle Hardware Management Pack.

    Note -  IPMItool users can check the version number of the IPMItool by specifying the -V option (ipmitool -v).
  • To use the IPMI TLS interface, IPMItool users must use IPMItool v1.8.15.0 or later that is available for download from Oracle Hardware Management Pack for Linux (as of v2.4 and later) and Oracle Hardware Management Pack for Solaris (as of v4.0 and later).

    Note -  To access the IPMI TLS interface, IPMItool users can either specify the -I orcltls option or not specify an option and the IPMItool will automatically detect the most secure interface available.
  • Ensure that you have the proper user roles assigned in Oracle ILOM when using the IPMItool utility to execute Oracle ILOM commands. For more information, see IPMI Administrator and Operator Roles.

  • Unless otherwise noted, commands described in this section accept options and other arguments according to the following syntax:

    ipmitool [option(s] -I [orcltls|lanplus] -H [hostserveraddress] [hostserveroptions]
    [command issued]
    [system output]


    • [option(s)] can include: -c [cipher suite level] |-h (to display help)|-v (to display verbose output) |-V (to display version number)

    • -I identifies the selected IPMI interface such as -I orcltls ( IPMI TLS interface) | -I lanplus (IPMI v2.0 interface).

      Note -  If an IPMI interface is not specified, the IPMItool defaults to the most secure IPMI interface supported on the host server.
    • -H [hostserveraddress] identifies the remote server SP hostname or IP address. The [hostserveroption(s)] must always specify: -U [username] -P [password]. The [hostserveroption(s)] can also include optional options such as -p [portnumber] | -R [retries count]

      Note -  Required host options for all IPMI interfaces include: -H [hostserveraddress] -U [username] and -P [password].
    • [command issued] can either identify a dedicated ILOM IPMItool command or a Sunoem ILOM command.

    • [system output] displays the command results.

    For more details, see the IPMItool Options and Command Summary .

    Note -  If you encounter command-syntax problems with your particular operating system, you can use the IPMItool -h option to determine which parameters can be passed with the IPMItool command on your operating system. Also refer to the IPMItool man page by typing: man ipmitool.