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Oracle® ILOM Protocol Management Reference SNMP and IPMI Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: August 2017

View Single Sensor Details

  • To view details about a single sensor on a managed device, type:

    sensor get /target/sensor_name

    For example, to view sensor details about the system temperature (/SYS/T_AMB), you would type:

    $ ipmitool -I [orcltls|lanplus] -H SP_hostname_or_IPaddress -U username -P password
    sensor get /SYS/T_AMB

    Note -  The IPMI TLS interface (orcltls) is supported as of Oracle ILOM firmware version 3.2.8 and later. For a higher level of security, you should always specify the IPMI TLS interface (-I orcltls) when executing Oracle ILOM commands from the IMPItool utility. For more information about using the IPMI TLS interface from Oracle, see these topics:IPMI TLS Service and Interface and Configure IPMI Management Access for Increased Security in Oracle ILOM Security Guide For Firmware Releases 3.x and 4.x

    The output might look like the following:

    Locating sensor record...
    Sensor ID              : /SYS/T_AMB (0x8)
     Entity ID             : 41.0
     Sensor Type (Analog)  : Temperature
     Sensor Reading        : 24 (+/- 0) degrees C
     Status                : ok
     Lower Non-Recoverable : 0.000
     Lower Critical        : 4.000
     Lower Non-Critical    : 10.000
     Upper Non-Critical    : 35.000
     Upper Critical        : 40.000
     Upper Non-Recoverable : 45.000
     Assertions Enabled    : lnc- lcr- lnr- unc+ ucr+ unr+
     Deassertions Enabled  : lnc- lcr- lnr- unc+ ucr+ unr+