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Oracle® ILOM Protocol Management Reference SNMP and IPMI Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: August 2017


The base component of an SNMP implementation is the Management Information Base (MIB). A MIB is a text file that describes a managed node's available information. This tree-like, hierarchical system classifies information about resources in a network as a list of data objects, each with a unique identifier, or object ID. Thus, the MIB defines the data objects, or variables, that the SNMP agent can access. When a management station requests information from a managed node, the agent receives the request and retrieves the appropriate information from the MIBs. In Oracle ILOM, the MIB makes it possible to access the server's network configuration, status, and statistics.

SNMP MIBs are a part of the Oracle ILOM firmware. You can download MIBs directly from Oracle ILOM. For more information about MIBs, and instructions for downloading MIBs from Oracle ILOM, see Before You Begin Download SNMP MIBs.

The following figure shows the standard MIB hierarchy and the location of the Oracle ILOM MIB modules in that hierarchy. The Oracle ILOM MIB modules are described in the table that follows.

Figure 1  Location of Oracle ILOM MIB Modules

image:This graphic describes the relationship between Oracle ILOM MIB modules.

The following table lists the Oracle ILOM MIB modules and the object ID for each MIB name.

Table 1  Description of Oracle ILOM MIB Modules, Object ID, and MIB Name
MIB Name
MIB Object ID
The MIB module for representing multiple physical entities supported by a single SNMP agent.

Note -  The entPhysicalTable is the only part of this MIB that is implemented.
This MIB describes the hardware-related notifications and traps that can be generated by Oracle Sun server platforms.
For more information about managing SNMP traps in Oracle ILOM, see Configuring SNMP Settings in Oracle ILOM.
This MIB provides extensions to the ENTITY-MIB (RFC 2737) where each entity modeled in the system is represented by means of extensions to the entPhysicalTable.
This MIB provides Oracle single system management logs and open problems data.

Portions of the standard MIBs listed in the following table are implemented by Oracle ILOM.

Table 2  Standard MIBs Implemented by Oracle ILOM
MIB Name
MIB Object ID
This MIB module describes generic objects for network interface sub-layers. This MIB is an updated version of MIB-II's ifTable, and incorporates the extensions defined in RFC 1229.
This MIB module is for managing IP and ICMP implementations, but excluding their management of IP routes.
This is the SNMP Management Architecture MIB.
This is the MIB module for SNMP entities.

Note -  Only the system and SNMP groups from this MIB module apply to Oracle ILOM.
This is the MIB module for managing TCP implementations.
This is the MIB module for managing UDP implementations.

The following table lists MIBs that are used in support of the Oracle ILOM SNMP implementation.

Table 3  MIBs Used in Support of the Oracle ILOM SNMP Implementation  
MIB Name
MIB Object ID
This MIB is for use in managing host systems. The MIB supports attributes common to all Internet hosts including, for example, both personal computers and systems that run variants of UNIX.
This MIB module defines the IANAifType Textual Convention, and thus the enumerated values of the ifType object defined in MIB-II's ifTable.
This MIB module is used for logging SNMP notifications (traps).
This MIB module is used for message processing and dispatching.
This MIB module is used for SNMP transport mappings.
This MIB module contains definitions for the structure of management information, version 2.