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man pages section 4: File Formats

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Updated: July 2017

wnn_hinsi.data (4)


wnn_hinsi.data - Part of Speech Administration File




/usr/lib/wnn/ja_JP/hinsi.data file contains information required to administer the main parts of speech. Information on the main parts of speech must be consistent between all dictionaries and connection information files. This file must not be arbitrarily edited. (If the file is changed, the meaning of the part of speech numbers in dictionaries and connection information files created with the old part of speech administration file will change.) Numbers are allocated in order to the parts of speech and composite parts of speech defined in this file. These numbers are used when creating dictionary files and part of speech files, when looking up part of speech names by numbers from the client server, and looking up the parts of speech in composite parts of speech.

Numbers are allocated in incremental fashion starting from 0. Only the following operations are allowed for this file: appending new parts of speech or composite parts of speech to the end of the file and replacing lines consisting of only "@" with definitions of parts of speech or composite parts of speech. Note that you must never delete entries. "@" is used to reserve lines in the file in advance when part of speech names have not yet been determined.

The part of speech formats for lines in this file are as follows:

composite_part_of_speech$part_of_speech:part_of_speech: . . . :

All parts of speech appearing in definitions of composite parts of speech must be defined before the composite part of speech can be defined. There must not be more than one part of speech or composite part of speech with the same name. Everything on a line following a semicolon (;) is treated as a comment and ignored.

Information on this file (looking up part of speech names from part of speech numbers and looking up the structural elements of composite parts of speech) are provided by the library and can thus be referenced through the client process.


[SENTOU]		;Beginning of a sentence
[MEISHI]		;Indicates a noun.
[ICHIDANMEI]$[ICHIDAN]:[MEISHI]	;A composite part of speech


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: