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man pages section 4: File Formats

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Updated: July 2017

wnnlerc (4)


wnnlerc - Wnn8LE Option configuration file at start up




The wnnlerc file sets the environment of Wnn8LE. Different settings are possible for each user. If the same entry appears more than once, the last one will take priority. Lines beginning with semicolons (;) are comments.

Wnn8LE serches the file by the following order.

  1. $HOME/.Wnn8/wnnlerc (User setting)

  2. /etc/wnn/ja_JP/wnnlerc (System setting)

  3. /usr/lib/wnn/ja_JP/wnnlerc (Initial setting)

Entries are set in the following style:

<ENTRY> <Setting Value> ...

The language name and the file name, etc. enter into "value". "Entry" and "value" are delimited by normal-size spaces or tabs.

Contents that can be described by this configuration file are described below. When they are not set, default is used.

set_jserver<host> | <host>:No| <host>/No

Sets the host machine name of jserver by host and No. When the port number is omitted, the standard port (22273) of jserver will be used. It becomes a relative port number if delimited by [:No] and the colon, and the value will be added to the standard port number (22273) of jserver as the final port number. For example, 22274 will be used when the value is set as 1. It becomes an absolute port number if delimited by [/No] and the slash, and the value will be directly used as the final port number. When omitting, it is set by the following priority.

  1. Setting of environment variable (JSERVER)

    1. Environment Valuable (JSERVER)

    2. Setting of /etc/hosts (jserver )

    3. Unix-Domain

set_geometry <X>+<Y>

Specifies the open position of the tool palette of Wnn8LE. The starting point is on the left of the screen, X is X coordinates from the starting point, Y specifies Y coordinates from the starting point.

henkanon_map < Whether the tool palette is displayed only at the state of conversion is "ON" or not? >

Whether the tool palette of Wnn8LE is displayed only in case of conversion ON is specified.


Only displays at conversion ON


Always displays


Example 1 Setting Example

set_jserver localhost
set_geometry	+20-50
henkan_on_map	TRUE


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: