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man pages section 4: File Formats

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Updated: July 2017

wnnhosts (4)


wnnhosts - Access Control Setting


wnnhosts will control the host or the user who can connect to the conversion server. For wnnhosts that are inactive in the initial state, it is necessary for the new one when you want to make them active. wnnhosts will be automatically created if the default configuration of wnnsysenv_server has not been changed. The restart of jserver is necessary when wnnhosts have been changed.

Reference Order

  1. Specification by start option –A of jserver

  2. /etc/wnn/wnnhosts (system setting)


  [Server_Host_Name] | [Server_Host_Name:No] | [Server_Host_Name/No] {

As for [Conversion_Server_Name] and [Language_of_Conversion_Server], jserver and ja_JP reach a fixed value respectively in Wnn8.

It delimits it without fail between [Server_Host_Name], [Server_Host_Name:No] or [Server_Host_Name/No] and "{" in half angle space.

When the port number is omitted, the standard port (22273) of jserver will be used.

It becomes a relative port number if delimited by [:No ] and the colon, and the value will be added to the standard port number (22273) of jserver as the final port number. For example, 22274 will be used when the value is set as 1. It becomes an absolute port number if delimited by [/ No] and the slash, and the value will be directly used as the final port number.

A line beginning with semicolon (;) means a comment line.

The format of Access_Data:


All users become accessible from this host.

Host_Name:User_name , User_name, . . .

Only the user who specified it by the user_name becomes accessible from this host. When two or more users are specified, it delimits it by comma (,).


This user becomes accessible from all hosts.


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: