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Oracle® Servers X8-2 and X8-2L Operating Systems Installation Guide

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Updated: January 2020

Installation Methods

You can perform a manual Text Installation or an Automated Installation of Oracle Solaris OS on Oracle Server X8-2 or Oracle Server X8-2L.

  • Manual Text installation uses the Text Installer to install Oracle Solaris manually. A Text Installation is a manual installation method that can operate with a minimum of memory and also enables you to select, create, or modify disk partitions while you are installing the Oracle Solaris operating system. For detailed Oracle Solaris Text Installation instructions, refer to Manually Installing an Oracle Solaris 11.4 System at https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37838_01/.

  • Automated Installation uses the Automated Installer (AI) to execute a "hands-free" operating system installation and client-specific configuration. For detailed Oracle Solaris Automated Installation instructions, refer to Automatically Installing Oracle Solaris 11.4 Systems at https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37838_01/.

    Two methods of Automated Installation are available:

    • Using an install media – This method does not require an AI server. You use the media containing the AI image to boot the system and start the installation.

    • Using an AI server to install on multiple systems – This method requires more preparations to set up the AI server.

For complete Oracle Solaris Installation instructions, refer to documents listed in the Oracle Solaris 11.4 Documentation Library under Installing and Booting Oracle Solaris at https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37838_01/.