Ai Speech

oci.ai_speech.AIServiceSpeechClient The OCI Speech Service harnesses the power of spoken language by allowing developers to easily convert file-based data containing human speech into highly accurate text transcriptions.
oci.ai_speech.AIServiceSpeechClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around AIServiceSpeechClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.ai_speech.models.AudioFormatDetails Audio format details.
oci.ai_speech.models.ChangeTranscriptionJobCompartmentDetails Details for changing the compartment of a transcription job.
oci.ai_speech.models.CreateTranscriptionJobDetails The information about new Transcription Job.
oci.ai_speech.models.Diarization Speaker diarization is a combination of speaker segmentation and speaker clustering.
oci.ai_speech.models.InputLocation The location of the input(s).
oci.ai_speech.models.ObjectListFileInputLocation Use this locationType when passing the location of the object storage in the request (where the WAV file is stored).
oci.ai_speech.models.ObjectListInlineInputLocation Use this locationType when passing the WAV file name in the request.
oci.ai_speech.models.ObjectLocation A location in Object Storage that is uniquely identified by namespace name, bucket name and object name.
oci.ai_speech.models.OutputLocation OCI Object Storage Location.
oci.ai_speech.models.ProfanityTranscriptionFilter Profanity transcription filter to recognize profane words.
oci.ai_speech.models.TranscriptionFilter Transcription Filter.
oci.ai_speech.models.TranscriptionJob Description of Transcription Job.
oci.ai_speech.models.TranscriptionJobCollection Results of a Transcription Job search.
oci.ai_speech.models.TranscriptionJobSummary Summary of the Transcription Job.
oci.ai_speech.models.TranscriptionModelDetails Model details.
oci.ai_speech.models.TranscriptionNormalization Information to Normalize generated transcript.
oci.ai_speech.models.TranscriptionSettings Processes to perform on the generated transcription.
oci.ai_speech.models.TranscriptionTask Description of Transcription Task.
oci.ai_speech.models.TranscriptionTaskCollection Results of a Transcription Task search.
oci.ai_speech.models.TranscriptionTaskSummary Summary of the Transcription Task.
oci.ai_speech.models.UpdateTranscriptionJobDetails The information to be updated.