Oci Control Center

oci.oci_control_center.OccMetricsClient OCI Control Center (OCC) service enables you to monitor the region-level cloud consumption and provides the region-level capacity data, in realms where OCC is available.
oci.oci_control_center.OccMetricsClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around OccMetricsClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.oci_control_center.models.DimensionValue The dimension value for the given dimension name as key.
oci.oci_control_center.models.MetricPropertyCollection A list of available metrics and their associated properties such as dimensions.
oci.oci_control_center.models.MetricPropertySummary A summary of the properties that define a metric.
oci.oci_control_center.models.NamespaceCollection The list of source services called namespaces emitting metrics that you can explore using OCI Control Center.
oci.oci_control_center.models.NamespaceSummary A summary of the source service or application emitting the metric.
oci.oci_control_center.models.RequestSummarizedMetricDataDetails The request details for retrieving aggregated data.
oci.oci_control_center.models.SummarizedMetricData The recorded metric value at a specific timestamp.
oci.oci_control_center.models.SummarizedMetricDataCollection A list of aggregated metric data objects with properties.