oci.oce.OceInstanceClient Oracle Content Management is a cloud-based content hub to drive omni-channel content management and accelerate experience delivery
oci.oce.OceInstanceClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around OceInstanceClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.oce.models.ChangeOceInstanceCompartmentDetails The information about compartment details.
oci.oce.models.CreateOceInstanceDetails The information about new OceInstance.
oci.oce.models.IdentityStripeDetails Details of the identity stripe used for OceInstance
oci.oce.models.OceInstance Details of OceInstance.
oci.oce.models.OceInstanceSummary Summary of the OceInstance.
oci.oce.models.UpdateOceInstanceDetails The information to be updated.
oci.oce.models.WorkRequest A description of workrequest status
oci.oce.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while executing a work request.
oci.oce.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message from the execution of a work request.
oci.oce.models.WorkRequestResource A resource created or operated on by a work request.
oci.oce.models.WorkflowMonitor The workflow monitor for this work request.
oci.oce.models.WorkflowStep Workflow step of workflow monitor.