Threat Intelligence

oci.threat_intelligence.ThreatintelClient Use the Threat Intelligence API to search for information about known threat indicators, including suspicious IP addresses, domain names, and other digital fingerprints.
oci.threat_intelligence.ThreatintelClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around ThreatintelClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.threat_intelligence.models.DataAttribution The confidence, source information, and visibility for a particular sighting or observation of some data associated with a threat indicator.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.DataVisibility The visibility level of attribution data, including its `Traffic Light Protocol (TLP)`__ color.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.EntityReference A reference to a resource or other entity.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.GeodataDetails Geodata information for a given IP address
oci.threat_intelligence.models.Indicator A data signature observed on a network or host that indicates a potential security threat.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.IndicatorAttribute An attribute name and list of values with attribution.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.IndicatorAttributeSummary An attribute name and list of values.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.IndicatorCountCollection A list of indicator counts by indicator type.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.IndicatorCountDimensions The indicator dimension that was counted, such as the indicator type.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.IndicatorCountSummary A group of indicators with the same dimensions, such as the same indicator type.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.IndicatorReference A reference to a threat indicator resource.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.IndicatorRelationship A relationship name and list of releated entities.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.IndicatorSourceSummary Information about the source of threat indicator data.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.IndicatorSummary Summary of a data signature observed on a network or host that indicates a potential security threat.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.IndicatorSummaryCollection List of indicator summary objects.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.SummarizeIndicatorsDetails Query parameters to filter indicators
oci.threat_intelligence.models.ThreatType A threat type along with attribution data that associates it to a threat indicator.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.ThreatTypeSummary The name of a threat type and its ID.
oci.threat_intelligence.models.ThreatTypesCollection List of threat types that can be associated with threat indicators.