Ai Vision

oci.ai_vision.AIServiceVisionClient Using Vision, you can upload images to detect and classify objects in them.
oci.ai_vision.AIServiceVisionClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around AIServiceVisionClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.ai_vision.models.AnalyzeDocumentDetails The details of how to analyze a document.
oci.ai_vision.models.AnalyzeDocumentResult The document analysis results.
oci.ai_vision.models.AnalyzeImageDetails The details of how to analyze an image.
oci.ai_vision.models.AnalyzeImageResult The image analysis results.
oci.ai_vision.models.BoundingPolygon The object-bounding polygon box.
oci.ai_vision.models.Cell A single cell in a table.
oci.ai_vision.models.ChangeModelCompartmentDetails The compartment the model should be moved to.
oci.ai_vision.models.ChangeProjectCompartmentDetails Which compartment the project should be moved to.
oci.ai_vision.models.CreateDocumentJobDetails The batch document analysis details.
oci.ai_vision.models.CreateImageJobDetails The details of the batch image analysis.
oci.ai_vision.models.CreateModelDetails The information needed to create a new model.
oci.ai_vision.models.CreateProjectDetails The information needed to create a new project.
oci.ai_vision.models.DataScienceLabelingDataset The dataset created by the Data Labeling Service.
oci.ai_vision.models.Dataset The base entity which is the input for creating and training a model.
oci.ai_vision.models.DetectedDocumentType The detected document type.
oci.ai_vision.models.DetectedLanguage The language detected in a document.
oci.ai_vision.models.Dimensions The width and height of a page.
oci.ai_vision.models.DocumentClassificationFeature Identifying the document type.
oci.ai_vision.models.DocumentDetails The details of a document to analyze.
oci.ai_vision.models.DocumentFeature The type of document analysis.
oci.ai_vision.models.DocumentField Form field.
oci.ai_vision.models.DocumentJob The job details for a batch document analysis.
oci.ai_vision.models.DocumentKeyValueDetectionFeature Extracting form fields.
oci.ai_vision.models.DocumentLanguageClassificationFeature Detecting the language of the document.
oci.ai_vision.models.DocumentMetadata The document information.
oci.ai_vision.models.DocumentTableDetectionFeature Detecting and extracting data in tables.
oci.ai_vision.models.DocumentTextDetectionFeature Text recognition
oci.ai_vision.models.Face The detected face.
oci.ai_vision.models.FaceDetectionFeature The face detection parameters.
oci.ai_vision.models.FieldLabel The label in a field.
oci.ai_vision.models.FieldName The name of a form field.
oci.ai_vision.models.FieldValue The value of a form field.
oci.ai_vision.models.ImageClassificationFeature The image classification parameters.
oci.ai_vision.models.ImageDetails The details of an image to analyze.
oci.ai_vision.models.ImageFeature The type of image analysis.
oci.ai_vision.models.ImageJob The job details for a batch image analysis.
oci.ai_vision.models.ImageObject The object detected in an image.
oci.ai_vision.models.ImageObjectDetectionFeature The object detection parameters.
oci.ai_vision.models.ImageText The detected text.
oci.ai_vision.models.ImageTextDetectionFeature The text detection parameters.
oci.ai_vision.models.InlineDocumentDetails The document incorporated in the request payload.
oci.ai_vision.models.InlineImageDetails The image incorporated in the request payload.
oci.ai_vision.models.InputLocation The location of the inputs.
oci.ai_vision.models.Label A label describing an image.
oci.ai_vision.models.Landmark The landmark on the face.
oci.ai_vision.models.Line The line of text.
oci.ai_vision.models.Model Machine-learned Model.
oci.ai_vision.models.ModelCollection The results of a model search.
oci.ai_vision.models.ModelSummary The metadata about the model.
oci.ai_vision.models.NormalizedVertex An (x, y) coordinate in the image with dimensions normalized from zero to one.
oci.ai_vision.models.ObjectListInlineInputLocation A list of object locations in Object Storage.
oci.ai_vision.models.ObjectLocation A location in Object Storage that is uniquely identified by namespace name, bucket name and object name.
oci.ai_vision.models.ObjectStorageDataset The dataset that resides in Object Storage.
oci.ai_vision.models.ObjectStorageDocumentDetails A document in OCI Object Storage.
oci.ai_vision.models.ObjectStorageImageDetails The image residing in OCI Object Storage.
oci.ai_vision.models.OntologyClass Images and ImageObjects can be labeled with an OntologyClass.
oci.ai_vision.models.OutputLocation The Object Storage Location.
oci.ai_vision.models.Page One page document analysis result.
oci.ai_vision.models.ProcessingError The error in document processing.
oci.ai_vision.models.Project A Vision Project containing models.
oci.ai_vision.models.ProjectCollection The results of a project search.
oci.ai_vision.models.ProjectSummary the metadata about the project.
oci.ai_vision.models.Table The table extracted from a document.
oci.ai_vision.models.TableRow A single row in a table.
oci.ai_vision.models.UpdateModelDetails The metadata which can be edited after model creation.
oci.ai_vision.models.UpdateProjectDetails The metadata that can be edited after project creation.
oci.ai_vision.models.ValueArray The array of field values.
oci.ai_vision.models.ValueDate The date field value.
oci.ai_vision.models.ValueInteger The integer field value.
oci.ai_vision.models.ValueNumber The floating point number field value.
oci.ai_vision.models.ValuePhoneNumber The phone number field value.
oci.ai_vision.models.ValueString The string field value.
oci.ai_vision.models.ValueTime The time field value.
oci.ai_vision.models.Word A single word.
oci.ai_vision.models.WorkRequest The workrequest status details.
oci.ai_vision.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while executing a work request.
oci.ai_vision.models.WorkRequestErrorCollection The results of a workRequestError search.
oci.ai_vision.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message from the execution of a work request.
oci.ai_vision.models.WorkRequestLogEntryCollection The results of a workRequestLog search.
oci.ai_vision.models.WorkRequestResource A resource created, or operated on, by a work request.
oci.ai_vision.models.WorkRequestSummary A summary of the status of a work request.
oci.ai_vision.models.WorkRequestSummaryCollection The results of a workRequest search.