Cloud Guard

oci.cloud_guard.CloudGuardClient Use the Cloud Guard and Security Zones API to automate processes that you would otherwise perform through the Cloud Guard Console or the Security Zones Console.
oci.cloud_guard.CloudGuardClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around CloudGuardClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.cloud_guard.models.AbsoluteTimeStartPolicy Start policy that defines the exact start time
oci.cloud_guard.models.ActivityProblemAggregation Provides the parameters and their corresponding count.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ActivityProblemAggregationCollection A collection of ProblemAggregation resources for problem analytics.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AddCompartmentDetails Parameter for an existing compartment to be added to a security zone.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AdhocQuery Details of a adhoc query.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AdhocQueryCollection Collection of AdhocQuery resources.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AdhocQueryDetails Detailed information about the adhoc query.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AdhocQueryRegionalDetails Instance level status for each region.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AdhocQueryResource Details about the adhoc resources for which query needs to be run.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AdhocQueryResultCollection Aggregated results for an adhoc query request
oci.cloud_guard.models.AdhocQueryResultSummary Adhoc query result resource from running on a resource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AdhocQuerySummary Summary information for a adhoc query.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AllTargetsSelected Parameter to use when all targets are selected.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AttachTargetDetectorRecipeDetails Identifier for an existing detector recipe to use to create a new detector recipe (TargetDetectorRecipe resource) to be attached to a target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.AttachTargetResponderRecipeDetails Identifier for an existing detector recipe to use to create a new detector recipe (TargetDetectorRecipe resource) to be attached to a target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CandidateResponderRule Information for a responder rule that can be used to remediate a problem triggered by specific detector rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ChangeDataSourceCompartmentDetails The compartmentId for the compartment into which the data source is to be moved.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ChangeDetectorRecipeCompartmentDetails Parameters to use to move a detector recipe to a different compartment.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ChangeManagedListCompartmentDetails Parameters to use to move a managed list to a different compartment.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ChangeResponderRecipeCompartmentDetails Parameters to use to move a responder recipe to a different compartment.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ChangeSavedQueryCompartmentDetails Changing compartment OCID for saved query.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ChangeSecurityPolicyCompartmentDetails Parameters to be used to move a security policy to a different compartment.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ChangeSecurityRecipeCompartmentDetails Parameters to be used to move a security recipe to a different compartment.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ChangeSecurityZoneCompartmentDetails Parameters to be used to move a security zone to a different compartment.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CompositeCondition Composite condition resource with nested condition.
oci.cloud_guard.models.Condition The base condition resource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ConditionGroup Details for a condition configured on a target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ConditionMetadataType The metadata definition of the requested condition type.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ConditionMetadataTypeCollection The collection of available condition types.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ConditionMetadataTypeSummary Additional information on supported condition types.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ConditionOperator Conditions related to the parameter data type.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ConfigValue Details for a configuration value for a managed list.
oci.cloud_guard.models.Configuration Specifies several key settings for a Cloud Guard tenancy, identified by tenancy root compartment OCID.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ContinuousQueryStartPolicy Start policy for continuous query
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateAdhocQueryDetails Details for creating adhoc query.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateDataMaskRuleDetails Parameters to us to create a new data mask rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateDataSourceDetails Parameters for creating a data source (DataSource resource).
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateDetectorRecipeDetails Parameters to use to create details for a detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateDetectorRecipeDetectorRuleDetails Parameters to use to create details in a detector rule in a detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateDetectorRuleDetails Details of a detector rule to be created in a detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateManagedListDetails Parameters to use to create details for a new managed list.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateResponderRecipeDetails Parameters for creating a responder recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateSavedQueryDetails Details of query to be saved
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateSecurityPolicyDetails Parameters to be used to create a new security policy.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateSecurityRecipeDetails Parameters to be used to create a security recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateSecurityZoneDetails Parameters to be used to create a new security zone.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateTargetDetails Parameters used to create a new target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateTargetDetectorRecipeDetails Parameters to use to create a target detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateTargetResponderRecipeDetails Parameters to be used to create a new target responder recipe (TargetDetectorRecipe resource).
oci.cloud_guard.models.CreateWlpAgentDetails On-premise resource agent registration request resource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataMaskRule A data mask rule specifies the conditions in which the value for a sensitive data field in the UI is to be hidden or displayed when viewed by specified groups of users.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataMaskRuleCollection Collection of data mask rules.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataMaskRuleSummary Summary information for a data mask rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataSource Detailed information for a data source (DataSource resource).
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataSourceCollection The collection of data source summaries (DataSourceSummary resources).
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataSourceDetails Details specific to the data source type.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataSourceEventCollection The collection of events related to a data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataSourceEventInfo This resource can have multiple subtypes, depending on the dataSourceFeedProvider value.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataSourceEventSummary Summary information about a data source event.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataSourceMappingInfo Details of the detector recipe and detector rule mapped to the data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataSourceSummary Summary information for a specific data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DataSourceSummaryDetails Summary information for a data source of a specified data source type.
oci.cloud_guard.models.Detector Information for a single detector category.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorCollection The collection of detector summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorConfiguration Configuration details for a detector.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorDetails Detailed information for a detector.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorRecipe A detector recipe is a collection of rules that can be configured to trigger problems that appear on the Cloud Guard Problems page.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorRecipeCollection The collection of summary information for detector recipes.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorRecipeDetectorRule A DetectorRecipeDetectorRule resource defines a single recipe rule in the collection for a DetectorRecipe resource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorRecipeDetectorRuleCollection Collection of summary information for detector rules in a detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorRecipeDetectorRuleSummary Summary information for a DetectorRecipeDetectorRule resoource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorRecipeSummary Summary information for a detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorRule Information for a detector rule (DetectorRule object).
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorRuleCollection Summary information for the collection of detector rules.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorRuleSummary Summary information for a detector rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.DetectorSummary Summary information for a detector.
oci.cloud_guard.models.EntitiesMapping Parameters for entities mapping to data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.EntityDetails Detailed information for the entities mapped to a data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ExecuteResponderExecutionDetails The configuration details for a responder rule execution.
oci.cloud_guard.models.GeographicalLocation The geographical location of a problem in terms of latitude and longitude.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ImpactedResourceCollection Collection of impacted resource summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ImpactedResourceSummary Summary of information on a resource that’s been impacted by a detected problem.
oci.cloud_guard.models.InsightTypeLoggingQueryDetails Additional details for Insight type queries on a data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.InstanceSecurityServiceConfiguration Instance Security service configuration.
oci.cloud_guard.models.LoggingEventInfo Information for a logging event for a data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.LoggingQueryDataSourceDetails Information for a logging query for a data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.LoggingQueryDataSourceSummaryDetails Summary information for a logging query for a data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.LoggingQueryDetails Details for a logging query for a data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ManagedList A managed list is a reusable list of parameters that makes it easier to set the scope for detector and responder rules.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ManagedListCollection Collection of managed list summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ManagedListSummary Summary information for a managed list.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ManagedListTypeCollection Collection of managed list type summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ManagedListTypeSummary A managed list type summary (ManagedListTypeSummary object) contains summary information for a managed list type (ManagedListType object).
oci.cloud_guard.models.NoDelayStartPolicy Continuous query start policy that starts the query immediately
oci.cloud_guard.models.OperatorSummary Summary information on available operators.
oci.cloud_guard.models.PackageDetail details of package causing vulnerabilities
oci.cloud_guard.models.PolicyCollection Collection of policy statements required by Cloud Guard.
oci.cloud_guard.models.PolicySummary A policy summary (PolicySummary object) contains a list of all current global policy statements (policy attributes).
oci.cloud_guard.models.PoliticalLocation The geographical location of a problem in terms of political units.
oci.cloud_guard.models.Problem Problems are at the core of Cloud Guard’s functionality.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemAggregation Provides aggregated information on counts of problems by specified parameters.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemAggregationCollection A collection of problem aggregation data for problem analytics.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemCollection Collection of summary information for problems.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemEndpointCollection Collection of problem endpoint summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemEndpointSummary Summary information for endpoints associated with a problem (Problem object).
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemEntityCollection The collection of problem entities detail related to a data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemEntitySummary Summary information about problem entities for a data source for a problem.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemHistoryCollection Collection of problem history summary information.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemHistorySummary Problem history definition.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemSummary Summary information for a problem.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemTrendAggregation Provides aggregated information on trends for counts of problems by specified parameters.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ProblemTrendAggregationCollection Collection of problem trend aggregations
oci.cloud_guard.models.PropertyTuple key and value pair for configuration values
oci.cloud_guard.models.RecommendationSummary Recommendation definition.
oci.cloud_guard.models.RecommendationSummaryCollection Collection of RecommendationSummary resources.
oci.cloud_guard.models.RegionStatusDetail Status of replication of a data source query in a region
oci.cloud_guard.models.RemoveCompartmentDetails Detailed information on a compartment to be removed from a security zone.
oci.cloud_guard.models.RequestSummarizedTrendResourceRiskScoresDetails Details for requesting summarized trend risk scores.
oci.cloud_guard.models.Resource Details of cloud guard resource
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceAdditionalDetails Optional details of a resource
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceCollection List of CloudGuardResourceSummary.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceLock Resource locks are used to prevent certain APIs from being called for the resource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourcePortCollection List of CloudGuardResourcePortSummary.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourcePortSummary Summary of open ports in the resourceView
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceProfile Resource profile details.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceProfileCollection Collection of resource profile summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceProfileEndpointCollection Collection of resource profile endpoint summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceProfileEndpointSummary Summary information for resource profile endpoints.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceProfileImpactedResourceCollection Collection of resource profile impacted resource summaries
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceProfileImpactedResourceSummary Summary information on impacted resource in resource profile.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceProfileRiskScoreAggregationSummary Summary of resource profile risk score aggregations.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceProfileRiskScoreAggregationSummaryCollection Collection of resource profile risk score aggregation summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceProfileSummary Summary information for a resource profile.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceRiskScoreAggregation Risk score of a resource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceRiskScoreAggregationCollection Collection of risk score aggregations.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceSummary Summary of CG Resource
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceTypeCollection Collection of supported resource types.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceTypeSummary A summary of detailed information on a resource type.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceVulnerability CG vulnerability object
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceVulnerabilityCollection List of CloudGuardResourceVulnerabilitySummary.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResourceVulnerabilitySummary Summary of CG vulnerability in the resourceView
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderActivityCollection Provides a summary of responder activities and their corresponding count values.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderActivitySummary Responder activity summary definition.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderConfiguration Details for a configuration to be applied to a responder.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderExecution Attributes for a responder execution (ResponderExecution resource).
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderExecutionAggregation Provides the dimensions and their corresponding count value.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderExecutionAggregationCollection Collection of ResponderExecutionAggregation resources.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderExecutionCollection Collection of aggregated responder execution information, including their corresponding count values.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderExecutionSummary A summary of detailed information on responder execution.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderExecutionTrendAggregation Provides the timestamps and their corresponding number of remediations.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderExecutionTrendAggregationCollection Collection of ResponderExecutionTrendAggregation resources.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRecipe A ResponderRecipe resource contains a specific instance of one of the supported detector types (for example, activity, configuration, or threat).
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRecipeCollection Collection of responder recipe summary information.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRecipeResponderRule A ResponderRecipeRule resource contains a specific instance of a single responder rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRecipeResponderRuleCollection The collection of responder rule summaries for a responder recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRecipeResponderRuleSummary Summary information for a responder rule
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRecipeSummary Summary information for a responder recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRule A ResponderRule resource contains the default settings for a single responder rule that Cloud Guard provides.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRuleCollection Collection of responder rule summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRuleDetails Detailed information for a responder rule
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRuleExecutionDetails Details of responder rule execution for a problem.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ResponderRuleSummary Summary information for a responder rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.RiskScoreAggregation Provides the dimensions and their corresponding risk score.
oci.cloud_guard.models.RiskScoreAggregationCollection Collection of RiskScoreAggregation resources.
oci.cloud_guard.models.RuleSummary Summary information for a rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SavedQuery Details of a saved query.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SavedQueryCollection Collection of SavedQuery resources.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SavedQuerySummary Summary information for a SavedQuerySavedQuery resource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ScheduledQueryDataSourceObjDetails The information about new schedule Query of type DataSource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ScheduledQueryDataSourceSummaryObjDetails The information about new Scheduled Query of type DataSourceSummary.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ScheduledQueryScopeDetail Details about the scheduled resources for which query needs to be run.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityPolicy A security policy (SecurityPolicy resource) defines security requirements for resources in a security zone.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityPolicyCollection Results of a security policy search.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityPolicySummary Summary information for a Security Zones policy.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityRecipe A security zone recipe (SecurityRecipe resource) is a collection of security zone policies (SecurityPolicy resources).
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityRecipeCollection Collection of Security Zones recipes (SecurityRecipeSummary resources), resulting from a security zone recipe search.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityRecipeSummary Summary information for a Security Zones recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityScoreAggregation Provides the dimensions and their corresponding count value.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityScoreAggregationCollection Collection of security score aggregation information.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityScoreTrendAggregation Provides the dimensions and their corresponding time and security score.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityScoreTrendAggregationCollection Collection of security trend aggregation information.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityZone A security zone is associated with a security zone recipe and enforces all security zone policies in the recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityZoneCollection A collection of security zones.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityZoneSummary Summary information for a security zone.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SecurityZoneTargetDetails Target details for a security zone target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ServiceConfiguration Configurations that are specific to a service.
oci.cloud_guard.models.ServiceTypeSummary Summary information for a service type.
oci.cloud_guard.models.Sighting Sighting details.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SightingCollection Collection of sighting summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SightingEndpointCollection Collection of sighting endpoint summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SightingEndpointSummary A summary of sighting endpoints.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SightingImpactedResourceCollection Collection of sighting impacted resource summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SightingImpactedResourceSummary Summary of resources impacted by a sighting.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SightingSummary Sighting summary definition.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SightingType Information for a sighting type
oci.cloud_guard.models.SimpleCondition Information for a simple condition.
oci.cloud_guard.models.SkipBulkResponderExecutionDetails Details of responders to skip execution.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TacticCollection Collection of tactic summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TacticSummary Summary information for a tactic.
oci.cloud_guard.models.Target A target defines the scope of resources that Cloud Guard monitors and the rules to be enforced in that monitoring.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetCollection Collection of summary information for targets.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetDetails Details specific to the target type.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetDetectorDetails Overriden settings of a detector rule in recipe attached to target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetDetectorRecipe A TargetDetectorRecipe resource contains a specific instance of one of the supported detector types (for example, activity, configuration, or threat) in which some settings can be modified specifically for a single target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetDetectorRecipeCollection Collection of target detector recipe summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetDetectorRecipeDetectorRule A TargetDetectorRecipeDetectorRule resource contains a specific instance of a single detector rule in one of the supported detector types (for example, activity, configuration, or threat).
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetDetectorRecipeDetectorRuleCollection Collection of summary information for target detector recipe detector rules.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetDetectorRecipeDetectorRuleSummary Summary information for a detector rule in a detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetDetectorRecipeSummary Summary information for a target detector recipe
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetIdsSelected Target selection on basis of target IDs.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetResourceTypesSelected Target selection on basis of target resource types.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetResponderRecipe A TargetResponderRecipe resource contains a specific instance of one of the supported detector types (for example, activity, configuration, or threat) in which some settings can be modified specifically for a single target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetResponderRecipeCollection Collection of target responder recipe summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetResponderRecipeResponderRule A TargetResponderRecipeResponderRule resource contains a specific instance of a single responder rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetResponderRecipeResponderRuleCollection Collection of summary information for target responder recipe responder rules.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetResponderRecipeResponderRuleSummary Summary information for a target responder recipe responder rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetResponderRecipeSummary Summary information for a target responder recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetSelected Specification of how targets are to be selected (select ALL, or select by TargetResourceType or TargetId).
oci.cloud_guard.models.TargetSummary Summary information for a target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TechniqueCollection Collection of technique summaries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TechniqueSummary Summary information for a technique.
oci.cloud_guard.models.TriggerResponderDetails The responder triggering details to be pushed to responder rules.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateBulkProblemStatusDetails List of problem IDs to be passed in to update problem status.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateConfigurationDetails Parameters to update Cloud Guard configuration details for a tenancy.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateDataMaskRuleDetails The information to be updated for a data mask rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateDataSourceDetails Parameters to update a data source.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateDetectorRecipeDetails Parameters to use to update details for a detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateDetectorRecipeDetectorRule Parameters to use to update a detector rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateDetectorRecipeDetectorRuleDetails Parameters to use to update details in a detector rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateDetectorRuleDetails Parameters to be updated for a detector rule within a detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateManagedListDetails Parameters to use to update details for a managed list.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateProblemStatusDetails The additional details to be updated for the problem.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateResponderRecipeDetails Parameters to use to update a responder recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateResponderRecipeResponderRule Parameters to use to update a responder recipe responder rule.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateResponderRecipeResponderRuleDetails Parameters to use to update a responder rule within a responder recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateResponderRuleDetails Parameters to be updated for a responder rule within a responder recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateSavedQueryDetails Details of saved query to be updated
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateSecurityPolicyDetails Parameters to be used to update a security policy.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateSecurityRecipeDetails Parameters to be used to update a Security Zones security recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateSecurityZoneDetails Parameters to be used to update a security zone.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetDetails The target information to be updated.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetDetectorRecipe Parameters to update a detector recipe attached to a target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetDetectorRecipeDetails Parameters to be used to update a target detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetDetectorRecipeDetectorRuleDetails Parameters to use to update a detector rule in a detector recipe attached to a target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetDetectorRuleDetails Parameters to update detector rule configuration details in a detector recipe attached to a target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetRecipeDetectorRuleDetails Parameters to be used to update a detector rule in a target detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetRecipeResponderRuleDetails Parameters to update the configuration details of a target detector recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetResponderRecipe Parameters to update a responder recipe attached to a target
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetResponderRecipeDetails Parameters to update a responder recipe attached to a target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetResponderRecipeResponderRuleDetails Parameters to update a responder rule for a responder recipe attached to a target.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateTargetResponderRuleDetails Parameters to update details for a responder rule for a target responder recipe.
oci.cloud_guard.models.UpdateWlpAgentDetails On-premise resource agent update or renew certificate response resource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.WlpAgent Details of WLP agent.
oci.cloud_guard.models.WlpAgentCollection Collection of WLP agents
oci.cloud_guard.models.WlpAgentSummary WLP agent resource running on an on-premise resource.
oci.cloud_guard.models.WorkRequest Detailed information about a work request (WorkRequest resource).
oci.cloud_guard.models.WorkRequestError Summary information for an error (WorkRequestError resource) encountered while executing a work request
oci.cloud_guard.models.WorkRequestErrorCollection The collection of work request error resources.
oci.cloud_guard.models.WorkRequestLogEntry A log message from the execution of a work request.
oci.cloud_guard.models.WorkRequestLogEntryCollection The collection of work request log entries.
oci.cloud_guard.models.WorkRequestResource Parameters of a work request resource, which is created or operated on by a work request.
oci.cloud_guard.models.WorkRequestSummary Summary information about a work request.
oci.cloud_guard.models.WorkRequestSummaryCollection Collection of work request summaries.