oci.functions.FunctionsInvokeClient API for the Functions service.
oci.functions.FunctionsManagementClient API for the Functions service.
oci.functions.FunctionsInvokeClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around FunctionsInvokeClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.
oci.functions.FunctionsManagementClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around FunctionsManagementClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.functions.models.Application An application contains functions and defined attributes shared between those functions, such as network configuration and configuration.
oci.functions.models.ApplicationSummary Summary of an application.
oci.functions.models.ApplicationTraceConfig Define the tracing configuration for an application.
oci.functions.models.ChangeApplicationCompartmentDetails Properties to change the compartment of an application.
oci.functions.models.ConfigDetails Details about the required and optional Function configurations needed for proper performance of the PBF.
oci.functions.models.ConstantProvisionedConcurrencyConfig Configuration specifying a constant amount of provisioned concurrency.
oci.functions.models.CreateApplicationDetails Properties for a new application.
oci.functions.models.CreateFunctionDetails Properties to create a new function.
oci.functions.models.Function A function resource defines the code (Docker image) and configuration for a specific function.
oci.functions.models.FunctionProvisionedConcurrencyConfig Define the strategy for provisioned concurrency for the function.
oci.functions.models.FunctionSourceDetails The source details for the Function.
oci.functions.models.FunctionSummary Summary of a function.
oci.functions.models.FunctionTraceConfig Define the tracing configuration for a function.
oci.functions.models.ImagePolicyConfig Define the image signature verification policy for an application.
oci.functions.models.KeyDetails The properties that define the kms keys used by Functions for Image Signature verification.
oci.functions.models.NoneProvisionedConcurrencyConfig Configuration specifying no provisioned concurrency
oci.functions.models.PbfListing PbfListing resources provide details about the available PBFs for consumption by the user.
oci.functions.models.PbfListingSummary Summary of the PbfListing.
oci.functions.models.PbfListingVersion This represents a version of a PbfListing.
oci.functions.models.PbfListingVersionSummary Summary of the PbfListingVersion.
oci.functions.models.PbfListingVersionsCollection Results of a PbfListingVersion search.
oci.functions.models.PbfListingsCollection Results of a PbfListing search.
oci.functions.models.PolicyDetails A policy required for this PBF execution.
oci.functions.models.PreBuiltFunctionSourceDetails The source of the Function which is based on a Pre-Built Function Listing (PbfListing).
oci.functions.models.PublisherDetails Contains details about the publisher of this PBF Listing.
oci.functions.models.RequirementDetails Minimum memory required by this PBF.
oci.functions.models.Trigger PBF specific triggers for activating a PBF.
oci.functions.models.TriggerSummary Summary of the Trigger.
oci.functions.models.TriggersCollection Results of a Trigger search.
oci.functions.models.UpdateApplicationDetails Properties to update an application.
oci.functions.models.UpdateFunctionDetails Updates attributes of a function.