Data Flow

oci.data_flow.DataFlowClient Use the Data Flow APIs to run any Apache Spark application at any scale without deploying or managing any infrastructure.
oci.data_flow.DataFlowClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around DataFlowClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.data_flow.models.Application A Data Flow application object.
oci.data_flow.models.ApplicationLogConfig Logging details of Application logs for Data Flow Run.
oci.data_flow.models.ApplicationParameter The parameter of an application.
oci.data_flow.models.ApplicationSummary A Data Flow application object used in bulk listings.
oci.data_flow.models.ChangeApplicationCompartmentDetails The change application compartment details.
oci.data_flow.models.ChangePoolCompartmentDetails The details required to change a pool compartment.
oci.data_flow.models.ChangePrivateEndpointCompartmentDetails The details required to change a private endpoint compartment.
oci.data_flow.models.ChangeRunCompartmentDetails The change run compartment details.
oci.data_flow.models.ChangeSqlEndpointCompartmentDetails Details for changing the compartment of a SQL Endpoint.
oci.data_flow.models.CreateApplicationDetails The create application details.
oci.data_flow.models.CreatePoolDetails The details required to create a pool.
oci.data_flow.models.CreatePrivateEndpointDetails The details required to create a private endpoint.
oci.data_flow.models.CreateRunDetails The create run details.
oci.data_flow.models.CreateSqlEndpointDetails The information about a new SQL Endpoint.
oci.data_flow.models.CreateStatementDetails The details required to create a statement.
oci.data_flow.models.ImagePngStatementOutputData The statement output data in png format.
oci.data_flow.models.NodeCount An object with a logical shape and count of the number of nodes with that shape.
oci.data_flow.models.Pool A Data Flow pool object.
oci.data_flow.models.PoolCollection The results of a query for a list of pools.
oci.data_flow.models.PoolConfig An object containing the details about the compute shapes and number of compute instances to provison.
oci.data_flow.models.PoolMetrics A collection of metrics related to a particular pool.
oci.data_flow.models.PoolSchedule Definition of when pool auto start or stop for a given day of a week.
oci.data_flow.models.PoolSummary A pool object used in bulk listings.
oci.data_flow.models.PrivateEndpoint A Data Flow private endpoint object.
oci.data_flow.models.PrivateEndpointCollection The results of a query for a list of private endpoints.
oci.data_flow.models.PrivateEndpointSummary A Data Flow private endpoint object used in bulk listings.
oci.data_flow.models.Run A run object.
oci.data_flow.models.RunLogSummary A summary of a log associated with a particular run.
oci.data_flow.models.RunSummary A summary of the run.
oci.data_flow.models.Scan Single Client Access Name (SCAN) is the object with a fully-qualified domain name and a port number.
oci.data_flow.models.SecureAccessControlRule The access control rule for SECURE_ACCESS network type selection.
oci.data_flow.models.ShapeConfig This is used to configure the shape of the driver or executor if a flexible shape is used.
oci.data_flow.models.SqlEndpoint The description of a SQL Endpoint.
oci.data_flow.models.SqlEndpointCollection The results of a Sql Endpoint search.
oci.data_flow.models.SqlEndpointNetworkConfiguration The network configuration of a SQL Endpoint.
oci.data_flow.models.SqlEndpointSecureAccessConfig Access control rules for secure access selection.
oci.data_flow.models.SqlEndpointSummary A summary of the Sql Endpoint.
oci.data_flow.models.SqlEndpointVcnConfig The VCN configuration for VCN network type selection.
oci.data_flow.models.Statement A statement object.
oci.data_flow.models.StatementCollection The results of a query for a list of statements of a Session Run.
oci.data_flow.models.StatementOutput The execution output of a statement.
oci.data_flow.models.StatementOutputData An object representing execution output of a statement.
oci.data_flow.models.StatementSummary Summary of the statement.
oci.data_flow.models.TextHtmlStatementOutputData The statement output data in html format.
oci.data_flow.models.TextPlainStatementOutputData The statement output data in text format.
oci.data_flow.models.UpdateApplicationDetails The update application details.
oci.data_flow.models.UpdatePoolDetails The details required to update a given pool with `poolId`.
oci.data_flow.models.UpdatePrivateEndpointDetails The details required to update a private endpoint.
oci.data_flow.models.UpdateRunDetails The update run details.
oci.data_flow.models.UpdateSqlEndpointDetails Currently only the tags of a SQL Endpoint can be updated.
oci.data_flow.models.WorkRequest A Data Flow work request object.
oci.data_flow.models.WorkRequestCollection Results of a query for a list of work requests.
oci.data_flow.models.WorkRequestError A Data Flow work request error object.
oci.data_flow.models.WorkRequestErrorCollection Results of a query for a list of work request errors.
oci.data_flow.models.WorkRequestLog A Data Flow work request log object.
oci.data_flow.models.WorkRequestLogCollection Results of a query for a list of work request logs.
oci.data_flow.models.WorkRequestResource A resource related to a Data Flow work request.
oci.data_flow.models.WorkRequestSummary A Data Flow work request summary object.