Data Catalog

oci.data_catalog.DataCatalogClient Use the Data Catalog APIs to collect, organize, find, access, understand, enrich, and activate technical, business, and operational metadata.
oci.data_catalog.DataCatalogClientCompositeOperations This class provides a wrapper around DataCatalogClient and offers convenience methods for operations that would otherwise need to be chained together.


oci.data_catalog.models.AddResourceLockDetails AddResourceLockDetails model.
oci.data_catalog.models.AsynchronousExportDataAssetDetails Details needed by the Data Asset export request.
oci.data_catalog.models.AsynchronousExportDataAssetResult Details about the job which performs an export.
oci.data_catalog.models.AsynchronousExportGlossaryDetails Details needed by the glossary export request.
oci.data_catalog.models.AsynchronousExportGlossaryResult Details about the job which performs an export.
oci.data_catalog.models.AsynchronousExportRequestDetails Details for an export request.
oci.data_catalog.models.AsynchronousExportResult Details about the job which performs an export.
oci.data_catalog.models.AttachCatalogPrivateEndpointDetails Information about the attaching the private endpoint resource to a catalog
oci.data_catalog.models.Attribute Details of an entity attribute.
oci.data_catalog.models.AttributeCollection Results of an attributes listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.AttributeSummary Summary of an entity attribute.
oci.data_catalog.models.AttributeTag Represents an association of an entity attribute to a term.
oci.data_catalog.models.AttributeTagCollection Results of an attribute tags listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.AttributeTagSummary Summary of an entity attribute tag.
oci.data_catalog.models.BasePermissionsSummary Permissions object sent as part of the response.
oci.data_catalog.models.BaseTag Represents the association of an object to a term.
oci.data_catalog.models.BaseTagSummary Represents the association of an object to a term.
oci.data_catalog.models.Catalog A data catalog enables you to collect, organize, find, access, understand, enrich, and activate technical, business, and operational metadata.
oci.data_catalog.models.CatalogPermissionsSummary General permissions object.
oci.data_catalog.models.CatalogPrivateEndpoint A private network reverse connection creates a connection from service to customer subnet over a private network.
oci.data_catalog.models.CatalogPrivateEndpointSummary A private network reverse connection creates a connection from service to customer subnet over a private network.
oci.data_catalog.models.CatalogSummary Summary of the data catalog.
oci.data_catalog.models.ChangeCatalogCompartmentDetails Information about the change compartment
oci.data_catalog.models.ChangeCatalogPrivateEndpointCompartmentDetails Information about the change compartment for the private endpoint resource
oci.data_catalog.models.ChangeMetastoreCompartmentDetails Information about a change in metastore compartment.
oci.data_catalog.models.Connection Detailed representation of a connection to a data asset, minus any sensitive properties.
oci.data_catalog.models.ConnectionAliasSummary Summary representation of database aliases parsed from the file metadata.
oci.data_catalog.models.ConnectionCollection Results of a connections listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.ConnectionSummary Summary representation of a connection to a data asset.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateAttributeDetails Properties used in attribute create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateCatalogDetails The information about a new data catalog.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateCatalogPrivateEndpointDetails Information about the new private endpoint resource
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateConnectionDetails Properties used in connection create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateCustomPropertyDetails Properties used in custom property create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateDataAssetDetails Properties used in data asset create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateEntityDetails Properties used in data entity create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateFolderDetails Properties used in folder create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateGlossaryDetails Properties used in glossary create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateJobDefinitionDetails Representation of a job definition Resource.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateJobDetails Properties used to create a job.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateJobExecutionDetails Properties for creating a new job execution.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateMetastoreDetails Information about a new metastore.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateNamespaceDetails Properties used in custom property create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreatePatternDetails Properties used in pattern create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateTagDetails Properties used in tag create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateTermDetails Properties used in term create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CreateTermRelationshipDetails Properties used in term relationship create operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.CustomProperty Custom Property Definition
oci.data_catalog.models.CustomPropertyCollection Results of a custom properties listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.CustomPropertyGetUsage Details of a single custom property
oci.data_catalog.models.CustomPropertySetUsage Details of a single custom property.
oci.data_catalog.models.CustomPropertySummary Summary of a custom property
oci.data_catalog.models.CustomPropertyTypeUsage Object which describes the indivial object stats for every custom property
oci.data_catalog.models.DataAsset Data asset representation.
oci.data_catalog.models.DataAssetCollection Results of a data assets listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.DataAssetExportScope Scope of asset export, which consists of a container object (bucket, folder, schema, etc) within the asset, and types of child objects contained by that object to be included.
oci.data_catalog.models.DataAssetPermissionsSummary Permissions object for data assets.
oci.data_catalog.models.DataAssetSummary Summary of a data asset.
oci.data_catalog.models.DataAssetTag Represents an association of a data asset to a term.
oci.data_catalog.models.DataAssetTagCollection Results of a data asset tag listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.DataAssetTagSummary Summary of a data asset tag.
oci.data_catalog.models.DataSelectorPatternDetails List of pattern Ids.
oci.data_catalog.models.DerivedLogicalEntities Entities derived from the application of a pattern to a list of file paths.
oci.data_catalog.models.DetachCatalogPrivateEndpointDetails Information about the detaching the private endpoint resource from a catalog
oci.data_catalog.models.Entity Data entity details.
oci.data_catalog.models.EntityCollection Results of a data entities listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.EntityLineage Lineage for a data entity.
oci.data_catalog.models.EntitySummary Summary of an data entity.
oci.data_catalog.models.EntityTag Represents an association of an entity to a term.
oci.data_catalog.models.EntityTagCollection Results of an entity tags listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.EntityTagSummary Summary of an entity tag.
oci.data_catalog.models.EventConfig Describes an event configuration, for a given object type and property.
oci.data_catalog.models.ExportDataAssetDetails The details of what needs to be exported.
oci.data_catalog.models.FacetedSearchAggregation Aggregation/facets on properties of data object.
oci.data_catalog.models.FacetedSearchCustomProperty Details about custom property
oci.data_catalog.models.FacetedSearchDateFilterRequest Object with date filter criteria
oci.data_catalog.models.FacetedSearchFilterRequest Object with details about filter criteria.
oci.data_catalog.models.FacetedSearchSortRequest Object with sort criteria details
oci.data_catalog.models.FacetedSearchStringFilterRequest Object with string filter criteria
oci.data_catalog.models.FetchEntityLineageDetails The information needed to obtain desired lineage.
oci.data_catalog.models.Folder A generic term used in the data catalog for an external organization concept used for a collection of data entities or processes within a data asset.
oci.data_catalog.models.FolderCollection Results of a folders listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.FolderSummary Summary of a folder.
oci.data_catalog.models.FolderTag Represents an association of a folder to a term.
oci.data_catalog.models.FolderTagCollection Results of a folders tag listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.FolderTagSummary Summary of a folder tag.
oci.data_catalog.models.Glossary Full glossary details.
oci.data_catalog.models.GlossaryCollection Results of a glossaries listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.GlossaryPermissionsSummary Permissions object for glosssaries.
oci.data_catalog.models.GlossarySummary Summary of a glossary.
oci.data_catalog.models.GlossaryTreeElement Glossary tree element with child terms.
oci.data_catalog.models.ImportConnectionDetails Import connection from the connection metadata and oracle wallet file.
oci.data_catalog.models.ImportDataAssetDetails Specifies the file contents to be imported.
oci.data_catalog.models.ImportDataAssetJobResult Information about a data asset import operation.
oci.data_catalog.models.ImportGlossaryDetails Import glossary from the contents of the glossary definition file.
oci.data_catalog.models.ImportLineageDetails Specifies the lineage contents to be imported.
oci.data_catalog.models.ImportLineageJobResult Information about lineage import operation.
oci.data_catalog.models.Job Details of a job.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobCollection Results of a jobs listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobDefinition Representation of a job definition resource.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobDefinitionCollection Results of a job definition listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobDefinitionPermissionsSummary Permissions object for job definitions.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobDefinitionScope Defines the rules or criteria based on which the scope for job definition is circumscribed.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobDefinitionSummary A list of job definition resources.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobExecution A job execution is a unit of work being executed on behalf of a job.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobExecutionCollection Results of a job executions listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobExecutionSummary A list of job executions.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobLog Job log details.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobLogCollection Results of a job logs Listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobLogSummary A list of job execution logs.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobMetric A set of metrics are collected periodically to assess the state and performance characteristics of the execution instance of a job.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobMetricCollection Results of a job metrics listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobMetricSummary Job metric summary.
oci.data_catalog.models.JobSummary Details of a job.
oci.data_catalog.models.LineageObject Object describing an individual element of object lineage.
oci.data_catalog.models.LineageRelationship Declares how two elements of object lineage are related.
oci.data_catalog.models.Metastore A Data Catalog Metastore provides a centralized metastore repository for use by other OCI services.
oci.data_catalog.models.MetastoreSummary Summary of a metastore.
oci.data_catalog.models.Namespace Namespace Definition
oci.data_catalog.models.NamespaceCollection Results of a namespaces listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.NamespaceSummary Summary of a namespace
oci.data_catalog.models.ObjectLineage Lineage for an object.
oci.data_catalog.models.ObjectLineageRequestDetails Details needed by a lineage fetch request.
oci.data_catalog.models.ObjectRelationship Details regarding a specific object and its relationship to the referencing object.
oci.data_catalog.models.ObjectStorageObjectReference A reference to an Object Storage object.
oci.data_catalog.models.ParseConnectionDetails Parse connections from the connection metadata and Oracle wallet file.
oci.data_catalog.models.Pattern A pattern is a data selector or filter which can provide a singular, logical entity view aggregating multiple physical data artifacts for ease of use.
oci.data_catalog.models.PatternCollection Results of a pattern listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.PatternSummary Summary of a pattern.
oci.data_catalog.models.ProcessRecommendationDetails Details of recommendation to be processed.
oci.data_catalog.models.PropertyDefinition Details of a single type property.
oci.data_catalog.models.RecommendationCollection Results of a get recommendation.
oci.data_catalog.models.RecommendationDetails Details of a recommendation.
oci.data_catalog.models.RemoveResourceLockDetails RemoveResourceLockDetails model.
oci.data_catalog.models.ResourceLock Resource locks are used to prevent certain APIs from being called for the resource.
oci.data_catalog.models.RuleAttribute Object that defines a usage of an attribute in the context of a rule.
oci.data_catalog.models.RuleCollection Results of an rule listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.RuleSummary A list of rule resources.
oci.data_catalog.models.SearchCriteria Search Query object that allows complex search predicates that cannot be expressed through simple query params.
oci.data_catalog.models.SearchResult The search result object is the definition of an element that is returned as part of search.
oci.data_catalog.models.SearchResultCollection The list of search result items matching the criteria returned from the search operation.
oci.data_catalog.models.SearchTagSummary Represents the association of an object to a term.
oci.data_catalog.models.SearchTermSummary Summary of a term associated with an object.
oci.data_catalog.models.SuggestListItem Details of a potential match returned from the suggest operation for the given input text.
oci.data_catalog.models.SuggestResults The list of potential matches returned from the suggest operation for the given input text.
oci.data_catalog.models.Term Full term definition.
oci.data_catalog.models.TermAssociatedObject Projection of an object that is tagged to a term.
oci.data_catalog.models.TermCollection Results of a terms listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.TermRelationship Full term relationship definition.
oci.data_catalog.models.TermRelationshipCollection Results of a terms relationship listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.TermRelationshipSummary Summary of a term relationship.
oci.data_catalog.models.TermSummary Summary of a term.
oci.data_catalog.models.Type Full data catalog type definition.
oci.data_catalog.models.TypeCollection Results of a types listing.
oci.data_catalog.models.TypeCustomPropertyDetails Array of custom property IDs for which we have to associate the custom property to the type
oci.data_catalog.models.TypeSummary Summary data catalog type information.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateAttributeDetails Properties used in attribute update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateCatalogDetails The information to be updated for catalog resource.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateCatalogPrivateEndpointDetails Information about the modified private endpoint resource
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateConnectionDetails Properties used in connection update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateCustomPropertyDetails Properties used in custom atrribute update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateDataAssetDetails Properties used in data asset update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateEntityDetails Properties used in entity update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateFolderDetails Properties used in folder update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateGlossaryDetails Properties used in glossary update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateJobDefinitionDetails Update information for a job definition resource.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateJobDetails Job properties that can be updated.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateMetastoreDetails Information to be updated for an existing metastore.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateNamespaceDetails Properties used in namespace update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdatePatternDetails Properties used in pattern update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateTermDetails Properties used in term update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UpdateTermRelationshipDetails Properties used in term relationship update operations.
oci.data_catalog.models.UploadCredentialsDetails Upload credential file and connection metadata.
oci.data_catalog.models.ValidateConnectionDetails Validate connection from the connection metadata or oracle wallet file.
oci.data_catalog.models.ValidateConnectionResult Details regarding the validation of a connection resource.
oci.data_catalog.models.ValidatePatternDetails Validate pattern using the expression and file list.
oci.data_catalog.models.ValidatePatternResult Details regarding the validation of a pattern resource.
oci.data_catalog.models.WorkRequest A description of workrequest status.
oci.data_catalog.models.WorkRequestError An error encountered while executing a work request.
oci.data_catalog.models.WorkRequestLog A log message from the execution of a work request.
oci.data_catalog.models.WorkRequestResource A resource created or operated on by a work request.