SMS overview

Important: This feature is only available if your organization has purchased SMS services. Please contact your account manager for additional information and pricing.

Oracle Eloqua offers SMS for native multi-channel orchestration. The SMS feature includes:

  • Marketer and subscriber-initiated response messages.
  • SMS-specific and cross-channel campaign orchestration and segmentation.
  • Comprehensive reporting within Eloqua:
    • Operational reports
    • Insight reports
  • Full Service offering.

You can use SMS for a variety of use cases:

  • Lead Generation: Find people who are interested in your business and turn them into paying customers through SMS. Capture leads using two-way long/short codes or by using link tracking feature.
  • Emergency Notifications: Use SMS messages to quickly reach out to your customers to update them on situations like service unavailability. Use shortened links to direct users to pages with details and updates.
  • Personalization: Add a personal touch to your SMS campaigns by sending personalized messages. Address your customers by their names and tailored details.
  • Event Reminders and Registrations: Send reminder messages to your event registrants. Reach out to prospects to offer them assistance and incentivize them to complete their orders or registrations.
  • Surveys and Polls: Gather customer feedback.
  • Target correct audience based on SMS filtering: Use SMS specific filters in your campaigns to identify an audience who have opted-in to SMS engagement or replied to an SMS message.

In this topic, you'll learn about:

Eloqua SMS Full Service Model

SMS Full Service allows you to:

  • Engage with customers with one-way and two-way messages.

  • Send transactional and promotional messages.

  • Leverage multiple code types: alpha, short code, and long code (use of code is subject to country regulations).

  • Reach global audience with support across 180+ countries.

  • Ensure deliverability with high scale, multiple routing options.

Oracle Eloqua SMS provides simplified management and expansion options. In the full service model, Eloqua manages aggregators for you. You can eliminate complexity with a single contract for email and SMS. You'll be able to leverage Oracle and its partners as subject matter experts on local compliance and regulatory requirements. Additionally, you'll receive dedicated support from Oracle for aggregator management, codes, and billing.

Key SMS terms

Term Description
Sender Code

Numbers that act as an organization's Sender ID (the from address in a text). A sender code can be a short code or long code.

Country The country or countries within which messages can be sent to recipients.
Route Type

MT:  Mobile terminated - message sent to a mobile device (outbound from Eloqua to a mobile number).

MO: Mobile originated - message sent from a mobile device (inbound from Eloqua to a mobile number).


Promotional: Promotional messages are typically used for promotion of things such as events, sales, and so on.

Transactional: Transactional messages are typically used for purchase confirmations and similar communications.

Code Type

Short Code: An easy-to-remember, 5- to 6-digit number used to send SMS or MMS messages, for example RELAX (73529). Good for marketing campaigns, alerts, confirmations, and two-factor authentication.

Long Code: A standard phone number, up to 15 digits long, used to send and receive voice calls and SMS messages. Good for group messaging, agent-to-person apps, and peer-to-peer apps.

Keyword Used to define action(s) for MO messages such START, STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, and so on. Some keywords are mandatory in some countries, and they are verified by the aggregator.
Aggregator Link between carrier networks and text messaging software providers. Applications send SMS messages to an aggregator, and aggregators identify the appropriate carrier and forward to them for delivery.
Marketer Initiated Interaction An SMS campaign initiated from the marketer side, analogous to email campaigns.
Subscriber Initiated Interaction A subscriber initiates the interaction reaching back to the application.
Character Sets

The following characters are supported:

  • GSM
  • GSM Extended

  • UCS/Unicode

Character Limits
  • GSM-7 encoded messages (7 bits/character) can carry up to 160 GSM characters.
  • GSM-7 encoded messages (7 bits/character) can carry up to 80 GSM Extended characters.
  • UCS-2 encoded messages (16 bits/character) can carry up to 70 UCS/Unicode characters.

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