Creating Your First Workflow

This tutorial describes the necessary steps to create and run a workflow in NetSuite. Use the steps in the tutorial to become familiar with the Workflow Manager user interface and the elements of a workflow.

In this tutorial, you create a workflow that runs when a user creates a new Opportunity record. The workflow makes the Title field on the opportunity record mandatory and sends the user to the Opportunities list page after they save the opportunity.

To view, create, and edit workflows, you must have the appropriate permission and permission level required for working with the base record types in the workflow. For access to all SuiteFlow functionality, use the Administrator role. For more information, see Required Permissions for SuiteFlow.

The following table describes the tutorial steps. Each step builds on the previous step, so you must complete them in order.



Define basic workflow properties

Create the workflow and define the basic properties on the workflow definition page, including the workflow name, workflow base record, owner, and release status. See Step 1 Define Workflow Basic Information.

Define workflow initiation

Define the workflow initiation on the workflow definition page. The workflow initiates on creation of an Opportunity record. See Step 2 Define Workflow Initiation.

Define the workflow condition

Define a condition that must be met for the workflow to initiate. See Step 3 Define the Workflow Condition.

Create workflow states

Create the two states required by the workflow: the entry state and the exit state. See Step 4 Create Workflow States.

Create actions

Create the actions to make a field mandatory and to navigate to the Opportunities list page. See Step 5 Create Actions.

Create a transition

Create a transition between the entry and exit states. See Step 6 Create a Transition

Initiate and validate the workflow

Create an opportunity and verify that the workflow executes as expected. See Step 7 Initiate and Validate the Workflow.


See the Related Topics sections in each step to get more information on the concepts or properties.

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