Full Access Role

A process to deprecate the Full Access role has begun as of 2019.1 and will be permanently removed in 2021.1. This phased process is designed to allow time for accounts using this role to move toward more optimal role and permission management.

Use of the Full Access role is not considered a best practice. The Full Access role is being deprecated as a security enhancement. Currently, there are two nearly identical high-access roles that you can assign to users (Full Access and Administrator). The Full Access role is being deprecated because it has become a redundant role as the roles and permissions options have greatly expanded. Also, the Full Access role probably provides more access than most users require.

For the first phase of the deprecation process, the following changes have been made to the Full Access role as of 2019.1:

As of 2020.2, this role has been inactivated for all users. The Full Access role no longer appears in the list of roles available for users who had this role assigned.

Before your account is upgraded to 2021.1, make sure that any customizations in your account that are running under the Full Access role work under another role without causing any errors. You should also determine which users need the Full Access role for their job functions and consider the following:

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