Mass Updating a Permission on Custom Roles

You can use a specialized mass update to add, remove, or change the level of a permission for multiple roles at the same time, instead of editing each role individually. This mass update is available to users with the Manage Roles permission.

Users cannot modify permissions for standard roles, so this mass update can only be applied to custom roles. Also, this mass update is not available to customized Customer Center, Employee Center, Partner Center, or Vendor Center roles.

For general information about mass updates, see Mass Changes or Updates.

To mass update a permission for multiple roles:

  1. Go to List > Mass Update > Mass Updates, expand Roles & Permissions, and select Add/Edit Permission on Roles.

  2. In the Title of Action field, enter a name for this update.

  3. In the Permission field, select the permission that you want to change for selected roles.

    • Click the icon at the right of this field to see a list.

    • Note that all permissions are listed in alphabetical order; they are not divided into Transactions, Reports, Lists, Setup, and Custom Records, as they are on role records.

  4. In the Level field, choose the permission access level to be applied to selected roles.

    • Choose None to remove the permission from selected roles.

    • Note that the available access levels vary according to the permission selected. See Access Levels for Permissions.

  5. For custom record permissions only, you can select a value in the Restrict field, to limit the selected roles' access to custom records of the type indicated by the permission.

    • Select Viewing and Editing to restrict users with selected roles to viewing or editing only the records of this type that they or their subordinates created.

    • Select Editing Only to restrict users with selected roles to editing only the records of this type that they or their subordinates created but allow them to view all records of this type.

    • Leave this column blank to allow users with selected roles to view and edit all records of this type.

    For information about custom record type permissions, see Setting Permissions for a Custom Record Type.

  6. To limit the roles where the selected permission should be modified, define a filter or filters on the Criteria subtab.

    • If existing role fields do not provide needed filtering, you can create one or more custom field(s) of the Other Custom Field type, and add them to role records, to be used as filter criteria for this mass update. See Adding Custom Role Fields to be Mass Update Filter Criteria.

    • If you do not define any filter criteria, the permission change is applied to all custom roles in the account, other than customized Customer Center, Employee Center, Partner Center, and Vendor Center roles.

  7. Define display options for mass update results on the Results subtab.

  8. Define the users who can run the update on the Audience subtab, if available.

  9. If you are an administrator and you want to run the mass update on a recurring basis, set up this recurrence on the Schedule subtab. See Scheduling a Mass Update.

  10. View audited changes and actions respective to the update on the Audit Trail subtab.

  11. Click Preview to see which records the mass update will change, and review the Mass Update Preview page.

    • To modify the mass update, click Return to Criteria, and repeat the previous steps as necessary.

    • If your list has less than 1000 entries, an Apply column is shown. If any record listed should not be updated, clear the box in the Apply column.

  12. Choose one of the following options: Perform Update, or Save.

    you click Perform Update, you cannot stop or cancel the mass update, so proceed with caution!

Adding Custom Role Fields to be Mass Update Filter Criteria

To increase the effectiveness of the Add/Edit Permission on Roles mass update, you can add one or more custom fields to the role record. This kind of field can be used to categorize roles and provide filter criteria for the mass update. The type of custom field that can be added to role records is the Other Custom Field type.

The steps below provide steps for creating this type of field. For further details, see Creating a Custom Field and Creating Other Record Fields.

To create a custom field to be added to the role record:

  1. Go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Other Custom Fields > New.

  2. From the Record Type dropdown list, select Role.

  3. In the Label field, enter a name for the field.

  4. From the Type dropdown list, select the type of field.

    For example, you can choose List/Record if you want the field to be a dropdown list with multiple options. For this choice, you need to select the list or record that supplies dropdown list options. You may need to first create a custom list of these options, then return to creating this custom field. See Custom Lists.

  5. To add the field to the role page, select a value in the Insert Before field.

  6. Complete other fields as necessary.

  7. Click Save.

After you have created this custom field, you can set its values on role records as desired, then use it as a filter criteria for the Add/Edit Permission on Roles mass update.

The following screenshots show the record for a sample custom field, its associated custom list, and the field on the role record:

Other Custom Field page Custom List page Role page with the Role type list.

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