Mass Updating the Role Assigned to Customers

You can update the role assigned to your customers using a mass update. When you mass update customer roles, a change you indicate is made for many customer records at the same time, instead of changing the records one at a time.

For example, if you customize your Customer Center role and want to assign the new custom role to all of your customers, you can use the mass update to do so.

To mass update the customer role:

  1. Go to List > Mass Update > Mass Updates, expand Customer Support and Service and select Change Customer Role.

  2. In the Title of Action field, enter a name for this update.

  3. In the Change Role field, select the role you previously assigned that you now want to change.

  4. In the to field, select the role you want the update to assign in place of the role selected in the Change Role field.

    For example, in the Change Role field, you select Customer Center. In the to field, you select Customer Role Alpha, a custom role you created. When you run the mass update, selected customers are assigned the Customer Role Alpha role instead of the Customer Center role. These customers no longer have access to the Customer Center role.

  5. Define a filter or filters on the Criteria subtab to limit the customers whose role should be modified.

  6. Define display options for mass update results on the Results subtab.

  7. Define the users who can run the update on the Audience subtab, if available.

  8. If you are an administrator and you want to run the mass update on a recurring basis, set up this recurrence on the Schedule subtab. See Scheduling a Mass Update.

  9. View audited changes and actions respective to the update on the Audit Trail subtab.

  10. Click Preview to see which records the mass update will change, and review the Mass Update Preview page.

    • To modify the mass update, click Return to Criteria, and repeat the previous steps as necessary.

    • If your list has less than 1000 entries, an Apply column is shown. (If you want to show the Apply column, select search criteria that return results with less than 1000 entries. ) If any record listed should not be updated, clear the box in the Apply column.

  11. Choose one of the following options: Return to Criteria, Perform Update, or Save.

    you click Perform Update, you cannot stop or cancel the mass update, so proceed with caution!

For general information about mass updates, see Mass Changes or Updates.

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