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7.7 Encryption Algorithms, Mechanisms, and Mapping

Oracle Linux provides cryptographic services to users and applications through individual commands, user-level and kernel-level frameworks, and user and kernel programming interfaces. The cryptographic framework provides these cryptographic services to applications and kernel modules in a seamless manner. Applications can also make use of direct cryptographic services, such as encryption and decryption of files. If a cryptographic accelerator is integrated with the CPU, the cryptographic framework can take advantage of this hardware on behalf of applications.

The available function calls are described in the following manual pages:

  • Arcfour (RC4) in rc4(3)

  • Blowfish in blowfish(3)

  • DES in des(3)

  • MD4 and MD5 in md5(3)

  • RSA in RSA_set_method(3)

  • SHA1 in sha(3)

For information about hardware-assisted encryption and how to benefit from it without making fundamental changes to application code, see Oracle Advanced Security Transparent Data Encryption Best Practices.

For more information about configuring system security, see Oracle® Linux 6: Security Guide.