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1.1 Similarities and Differences Between Oracle Linux and UNIX Operating Systems

The Single UNIX Specification (SUS) is an industry-standard description of C-language program and user command interfaces for a standard UNIX operating system. The SUS was developed to ensure that a program developed in one UNIX operating system would run in a somewhat different UNIX operating system. The specification is owned by The Open Group, an industry group that oversees UNIX certification and branding.

Oracle Linux conforms to the Linux Standard Base 4.0 (LSB 4.0) specification. The LSB is based on the POSIX specification, the SUS, and several other open standards, but it extends them in certain areas.

Provided that the source operating system is POSIX-compliant, there should be little difficulty porting code to Oracle Linux, as long as specific operating extensions are not used. If such extensions are used, an equivalent Oracle Linux extension will need to be used or the extensions will need to be manually ported in order to achieve the desired result.