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2.2.20 Kdump Service Cannot Be Enabled by Using system-config-kdump Under UEK R3

The system-config-kdump utility fails to enable the kdump service when run under UEK R3. The following warning is reported.

libglade-WARNING **: could not look up stock id 'Enable kdump'

The workaround is to configure the kdump service manually:

  1. Add the crashkernel boot parameter to the kernel command line, for example:

  2. Enable the kdump service so that it starts when the system is next rebooted.

    # chkconfig kdump on
  3. Shut down and reboot the system.

    # reboot
  4. Verify that the kdump service is running.

    # service kdump status
    Kdump is operational

(Bug ID 21300512)