Siebel Call Center User Guide


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Product Overview

Call Center and the Support Organization

Call Center Home Page

Call Center Communications Toolbar

Call Center Message Broadcasting

Managing the Customer Dashboard

Using Search Center

Customer Interaction Life Cycle

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Managing Business Data with the Accounts Screen

Business Scenario for Accounts

End-User Procedures for Accounts

Creating an Account

Adding Contacts to an Account

Sending Account Information to an External System

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Customer Calls and the Contacts Screen

Business Scenario for Contacts

End-User Procedures for Contacts

Verifying an Existing Contact

Creating a New Contact

Profiling a Contact

Creating a Service Request for a Contact

Adding an Activity for a Contact

Sending Contact Information to an External System

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Household Contact Tracking

Business Scenario for Households

End-User Procedures for Households

Adding a Household Record

Adding Contacts to a Household

Adding Activities to Household Records

Storing and Viewing Information About Households

Sending Household Information to an External System

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Prospect Qualification and Promotion

Business Scenario for Prospects

Promotion of Prospects to Contacts

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Service Requests

Tracking Customer Assistance with Service Requests

Call Center Service Request Process

Business Scenario for Service Requests

Call Center Service Request Cycle

Assigning the Service Request

Associating Activities with a Service Request

Closing a Service Request

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Solutions and Resolution Searching

Solutions as a Service Request Research Tool

Business Scenario for Solutions

Researching and Using Solutions

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Activities and Templates

Business Scenario for Activities

End-User Procedures for Activities

Researching a Service-Related Activity

Adding an Activity to a Customer Request

Assigning an Activity to a Team Member

Using an Activity Plan to Resolve Customer Issues

Associating a Follow-Up Activity with a Parent Activity

Sharing Activity Information

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RMAs and Service Orders

Business Scenario for RMAs and Service Orders

Processing a Return Order

Generating a Service Order

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Quality and Change Requests

Change Management and the Quality Screen

Business Scenario for Quality and Change Requests

Associating a Change Request with a Service Request

Managing Changing Requests

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Siebel eMail Response and Send eMail

Siebel eMail Response and Customer Communications

Send Email Command Options

Business Scenario for eMail Response

End-User Procedures for eMail Response

Setting Communications Preferences for eMail Response

Replying to an Inbound Email

Adding a Solution to Email

Creating a Service Request from an eMail Response

Associating Opportunities with eMail Response Replies

End-User Procedures for Send Email

End-User Procedures for eMail Response and Send Email

Adding Attachments, Literature, and URLs to Email

Using HTML Controls in Call Center Outbound Email

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Campaigns and SmartScripts

Campaigns Overview

Business Scenario for Campaigns

Understanding Campaigns

Making Outbound Campaign Calls

Answering Inbound Campaign Calls

Making Offers Using Call Guides

Making Offers Using SmartScripts

Recording Campaign Opportunities

Promoting Campaign Prospects to Contacts

Promoting Campaign Responses to Opportunities

Working with Campaign Activities

Sending Correspondence to a Campaign Contact

Evaluating Campaigns

Viewing Campaign Responses

Displaying Campaign Charts

Displaying Campaign Response Charts

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 Siebel Call Center User Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003