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BEA WebLogic Commerce Server with BEA WebLogic Personalization Server, Release 3.1

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Build e-commerce Web sites rapidly with BEA WebLogic Commerce Server and BEA WebLogic Personalization Server

BEA WebLogic Commerce Server and BEA WebLogic Personalization Server:

  • Enable you to deliver personalized content based on customer profiles and a set of rules that you create.

  • Include templates for your Home page, search, browse, shopping cart, and customer registration pages, and many other pages you need for your e-commerce site.

  • Provide a high-performance, configurable, product catalog and order management system.

  • Include a Web-based administration tool for managing portals, customer profiles, personalization rules, the product catalog, and orders and payments for items purchased from the catalog.

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BEA WebLogic Commerce Server Topics

Tour of the JSP Templates

 All JSP Tour Topics

 What is the JSP Templates Tour?

 Starting the Tour

 New User Buys a Product

 Registered User Buys a Product

 Registered User Adds a Credit Card

 Example of Customizing the Templates

Webflow and Pipeline Management

 All Webflow and Pipeline Management Topics

 Overview of Webflow and Pipeline Management

 Customizing Webflow and Pipelines

 Extending Webflow and Pipelines

 Webflow and Pipeline JSP Tags

Product Catalog Management

 All Catalog Topics


 Product Catalog Database Schema

 Using the Product Catalog Database Loader

 Catalog Administration Tasks

 The Product Catalog JSP Templates and Tag Library

 Using the API to Extend the Product Catalog

Order Processing Package

 All Order Processing Package Topics

 Overview of the Order Processing Package

 Order Processing Database Schema

 Shopping Cart Management Services

 Shipping Services

 Taxation Services

 Payment Services

 Order Summary and Confirmation Services

 Using the Order and Payment Management Pages

Registration and User Processing Package

 All Registration and User Processing Package Topics

 Overview of the Registration and User Processing Package

 Customer Registration and Login Services

 Customer Profile Services

 Customer Self-Service

Commerce Server Javadoc Packages

 All WLCS Javadoc Packages

BEA WebLogic Personalization Server Topics

Personalization Server Tour

 All Personalization Tour Topics

 Overview of the Personalization Tour

 Working with Properties

 Working with User Profiles

 Working with Content

 Working with Rules

 Editing the Example Portal

 Deploying the New Example Portal

Personalization: User's Guide

 All Personalization Server User's Guide Topics

 Overview of the WebLogic Personalization Server

 Creating and Managing Portals

 Creating and Managing Property Sets

 Creating and Managing Users

 Creating and Managing Content

 Creating and Managing Rules

Personalization: Developer's Guide

 All Personalization Server Developer's Guide Topics

 Overview of Personalization Development

 Creating Personalized Applications with Advisor

 Foundation Classes and Utilities

 Developing Portlets

 Building a Custom Portal Step-by-Step

 Using the Catalog Application in a Portal

 Creating Localized Applications with the Internationalization Tags

 Personalization Server Database Schema

 Personalization Server JSP Tag Library Reference

Migrating to Personalization Server 3.1

 All Migration Topics

 Migrating WebLogic Personalization Server to Version 3.1

 Changes to the JSP Tag Library in Version 3.1

Personalization Server Javadoc Packages

 All WLPS Javadoc Packages

ExpressLinks and Additional Resources

Webflow Diagram

Shows the default Webflow. Opens in a new browser window.

 Webflow Diagram

Summary of JSP Templates

Index of all sample JSP templates.

 Summary of JSP Templates

Database Schemas

 Product Catalog Database Schema

 Order Processing Database Schema

 WebLogic Personalization Server Database Schema

All JSP Tags


 Flow Manager




 Content Management


 Portal Management

 Property Sets

 User Management

 Personalization Utilities

 WebLogic Utilities

Order Package Extensions

Technical article that outlines the process for extending the WebLogic Commerce Server Order Package.

 Order Package Extensions