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Sun Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe Card

User's Guide

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Sun Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe Card Overview

Card Overview

About the Sun Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe Card

Key Features

Card Hardware Components

Card Software and Firmware Components

Card LEDs

Card Specifications

Physical Dimensions

Environmental Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Preparing the Card for Installation

Required Tools

Ship Kit Contents

Observing Safety Precautions

General Safety Information

Safety Symbols

ESD Safety Measures

Perform ESD Prevention Measures

Update the Host Operating System

Installing the Card

Installation Overview

Installing the Card Into a Server

Card Optimization Guidelines

Install a New Card

Remove an Existing Card From a Server

Servicing the Card

Service Overview

Update the Card Software

Update the Card Firmware

Technical Support

Servicing the Card Using the ddcli Utility

Accessing the ddcli Utility

Access Text Menu Interface in ddcli Utility

Access Command Line Interface (CLI) in ddcli Utility

Verify Card Status

ddcli Utility Command Summary

List All Command

List Command

Update Flash Package Command

Health Reporting Command

Locate Card Command

Format Card Command

Show the Vital Product Data Command

Extract SMART Logs Command

Help Command

Troubleshooting Using Card LEDs

Error Messages

Exception Handling

Firmware Exception Error Messages

Reason Codes


Update Flash Package Command

The -updatepkg command updates Sun Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe Cards with the specified firmware package file. You select a card by typing the card ID, or all cards in the server are updated if you do not select any card ID using the command line interface or text interface.

This command supports the upgrade of only the firmware package. If the current firmware package version on the selected card is higher than the specified firmware package version, the command returns an error.

Text Menu Interface Usage: The following top-level menu lists the cards in the system and prompts you to select a card on which to perform an operation. Two Sun Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe Cards are shown in the following example:

# ddcli
ID    WarpDrive     Package Version    PCI Address
--    ---------     ---------------    -----------
1     ELP-4x100-4d-n        00:02:00:00
2     ELP-4x100-4d-n        00:03:00:00
Select the WarpDrive [1-2 or 0:Quit]: 1
1.    List WarpDrive Information
2.    Update Flash Package
3.    Display WarpDrive Health
4.    Locate WarpDrive
5.    Format WarpDrive
6.    Show Vital Product Data
7.    Extract SMART Logs
Select Operation [1-7 or 0:Quit]: 2
Enter Flash Package File: /home/user/ELP-4x100-4d-n_06.05.10.00.bin

Command Line Interface Usage: Enter the following line of text in the CLI to run the -updatepkg command: ddcli -c 1 -updatepkg SLP-300_01.02.00.00.bin

ddcli -c <card number> -updatepkg <flash package file>

Error Handling: The following statements are true with regard to error handling:

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