Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

Using Temporary Mount Properties

If any of the mount options described in the preceding section are set explicitly by using the–o option with the zfs mount command, the associated property value is temporarily overridden. These property values are reported as temporary by the zfs get command and revert back to their original values when the file system is unmounted. If a property value is changed while the file system is mounted, the change takes effect immediately, overriding any temporary setting.

In the following example, the read-only mount option is temporarily set on the tank/home/neil file system. The file system is assumed to be unmounted.

# zfs mount -o ro users/home/neil

To temporarily change a property value on a file system that is currently mounted, you must use the special remount option. In the following example, the atime property is temporarily changed to off for a file system that is currently mounted:

# zfs mount -o remount,noatime users/home/neil
users/home/neil  atime     off    temporary
# zfs get atime users/home/perrin

For more information about the zfs mount command, see zfs(1M).