Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

Upgrading Encrypted ZFS File Systems

Before you upgrade a Solaris 11 system to Solaris 11.1, ensure that your encrypted file systems are mounted. Mount the encrypted file systems and provide the passphrases, if prompted.

# zfs mount -a
Enter passphrase for 'pond/amy': xxxxxxxx
Enter passphrase for 'pond/rory': xxxxxxxx
# zfs mount | grep pond
pond                            /pond
pond/amy                        /pond/amy
pond/rory                       /pond/rory

Then, upgrade the encrypted file systems.

# zfs upgrade -a

If you attempt to upgrade encrypted ZFS file systems that are unmounted, a message similar to the following is displayed:

# zfs upgrade -a
cannot set property for 'pond/amy': key not present

In addition, the zpool status output might show corrupted data.

# zpool status -v pond

If the above errors occur, remount the encrypted file systems as directed above. Then, scrub and clear the pool errors.

# zpool scrub pond
# zpool clear pond

For more information about upgrading file systems, see Upgrading ZFS File Systems.