Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014


migrating a ZFS file system
example ofindex iconHow to Migrate a File System to a ZFS File System
overviewindex iconMigrating ZFS File Systems
troubleshootingindex iconTroubleshooting ZFS File System Migrations
migrating ZFS storage pools
descriptionindex iconMigrating ZFS Storage Pools
definitionindex iconZFS Terminology
mirrored configuration
conceptual viewindex iconMirrored Storage Pool Configuration
descriptionindex iconMirrored Storage Pool Configuration
redundancy featureindex iconMirrored Storage Pool Configuration
mirrored log device, adding
(example of)index iconAdding and Removing a Mirrored Log Device
mirrored log devices
creating a ZFS storage pool with (example of)index iconCreating a ZFS Storage Pool With Log Devices
mirrored storage pool (zpool create)
(example of)index iconCreating a Mirrored Storage Pool
mismatched replication levels
(example of)index iconMismatched Replication Levels
mlslabel property
descriptionindex iconZFS Native Property Descriptions
trivial ACL on ZFS file (verbose mode)
(example of)index iconModifying Trivial ACLs on ZFS Files
mount point
default for ZFS storage poolsindex iconDefault Mount Point for Storage Pools
mount points
automaticindex iconManaging ZFS Mount Points
legacyindex iconManaging ZFS Mount Points
managing ZFS
descriptionindex iconManaging ZFS Mount Points
mounted property
descriptionindex iconZFS Native Property Descriptions
ZFS file systems
(example of)index iconMounting ZFS File Systems
mounting ZFS file systems
differences between ZFS and traditional file systemsindex iconMounting ZFS File Systems
default for ZFS file systemindex iconCreating a ZFS File System
mountpoint property
descriptionindex iconZFS Native Property Descriptions