Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

Using ZFS on a Solaris System With Zones Installed

The following sections describe how to use ZFS on a system with Oracle Solaris zones:

Keep the following points in mind when associating ZFS datasets with zones:

  • You can add a ZFS file system or a clone to a non-global zone with or without delegating administrative control.

  • You can add a ZFS volume as a device to non-global zones.

  • You cannot associate ZFS snapshots with zones at this time.

In the following sections, a ZFS dataset refers to a file system or a clone.

Adding a dataset allows the non-global zone to share disk space with the global zone, though the zone administrator cannot control properties or create new file systems in the underlying file system hierarchy. This operation is identical to adding any other type of file system to a zone and should be used when the primary purpose is solely to share common disk space.

ZFS also allows datasets to be delegated to a non-global zone, giving complete control over the dataset and all its children to the zone administrator. The zone administrator can create and destroy file systems or clones within that dataset, as well as modify properties of the datasets. The zone administrator cannot affect datasets that have not been added to the zone, including exceeding any top-level quotas set on the delegated dataset.

Consider the following when working with ZFS on a system with Oracle Solaris zones installed:

  • A ZFS file system that is added to a non-global zone must have its mountpoint property set to legacy.

  • When both a source zonepath and a target zonepath reside on a ZFS file system and are in the same pool, zoneadm clone will now automatically use the ZFS clone to clone a zone. The zoneadm clone command will create a ZFS snapshot of the source zonepath and set up the target zonepath. You cannot use the zfs clone command to clone a zone. For more information, see Creating and Using Oracle Solaris Zones .