Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014


checksumindex iconZFS Terminology
cloneindex iconZFS Terminology
datasetindex iconZFS Terminology
file systemindex iconZFS Terminology
mirrorindex iconZFS Terminology
poolindex iconZFS Terminology
RAID-Zindex iconZFS Terminology
resilveringindex iconZFS Terminology
snapshotindex iconZFS Terminology
virtual deviceindex iconZFS Terminology
volumeindex iconZFS Terminology
traditional volume management
differences between ZFS and traditional file systemsindex iconTraditional Volume Management
transactional semantics
descriptionindex iconTransactional Semantics
clear device errors (zpool clear)
(example of)index iconClearing Transient or Persistent Device Errors
data corruption identified (zpool status –v)
(example of)index iconZFS Data Corruption Errors
determining if a device can be replaced
descriptionindex iconDetermining If a Device Can Be Replaced
determining if problems exist (zpool status –x)index iconDetermining If Problems Exist in a ZFS Storage Pool
determining type of data corruption (zpool status -v)
(example of)index iconIdentifying the Type of Data Corruption
determining type of device failure
descriptionindex iconDetermining the Type of Device Failure
identifying problemsindex iconIdentifying Problems With ZFS Storage Pools
missing (UNAVAIL) devicesindex iconResolving a Removed Device
notifying ZFS of reattached device (zpool online)
(example of)index iconNotifying ZFS of Device Availability
overall pool status information
descriptionindex iconOverall Pool Status Information
repairing a corrupted file or directory
descriptionindex iconRepairing a Corrupted File or Directory
repairing a damaged ZFS configurationindex iconRepairing a Damaged ZFS Configuration
repairing an unbootable system
descriptionindex iconRepairing an Unbootable System
repairing pool-wide damage
descriptionindex iconRepairing ZFS Storage Pool-Wide Damage
replacing a device (zpool replace)
(example of)
index iconViewing Resilvering Status
index iconReplacing a Device in a ZFS Storage Pool
replacing a missing device
(example of)index iconResolving a Missing or Removed Device
syslog reporting of ZFS error messagesindex iconSystem Reporting of ZFS Error Messages
ZFS failuresindex iconIdentifying ZFS Problems
ZFS file system migrationindex iconTroubleshooting ZFS File System Migrations
type property
descriptionindex iconZFS Native Property Descriptions