Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

How to Create a BE in Another Root Pool (SPARC or x86/EFI (GPT))

If you want to re-create your existing BE in another root pool, follow the steps below. You can modify the steps based on whether you want two root pools with similar BEs that have independent swap and dump devices or whether you just want a BE in another root pool that shares the swap and dump devices.

After you activate and boot from the new BE in the second root pool, it will have no information about the previous BE in the first root pool. If you want to boot back to the original BE, you will need to boot the system manually from the original root pool's boot disk.

  1. Create the alternate root pool.
    # zpool create -B rpool2 c2t2d0

    Or, create a mirrored alternate root pool. For example:

    # zpool create -B rpool2 mirror c2t2d0 c2t3d0
  2. Create the new BE in the second root pool. For example:
    # beadm create -p rpool2 solaris2
  3. Apply the boot information to the second root pool. For example:
    # bootadm install-bootloader -P rpool2
  4. Set the bootfs property on the second root pool. For example:
    # zpool set bootfs=rpool2/ROOT/solaris2 rpool2
  5. Activate the new BE. For example:
    # beadm activate solaris2
  6. Boot from the new BE.
    • SPARC – Set up the system to boot automatically from the new disk, either by using the eeprom command or the setenv command from the boot PROM.

    • x86 – Reconfigure the system BIOS.

    Your system should be running under the new BE.

  7. Re-create the swap volume. For example:
    # zfs create -V 4g rpool2/swap
  8. Update the /etc/vfstab entry for the new swap device. For example:
    /dev/zvol/dsk/rpool2/swap       -               -               swap -     no      -
  9. Re-create the dump volume. For example:
    # zfs create -V 4g rpool2/dump
  10. Reset the dump device. For example:
    # dumpadm -d /dev/zvol/dsk/rpool2/dump
  11. Reboot to clear the original root pool's swap and dump devices.
    # init 6