Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

File System Creation Practices

The following sections describe ZFS file system creation practices.

  • Create one file system per user for home directories

  • Consider using file system quotas and reservations to manage and reserve disk space for important file systems

  • Consider using user and group quotas to manage disk space in an environment with many users

  • Use ZFS property inheritance to apply properties to many descendent file systems

File System Creation Practices for an Oracle Database

Consider the following file system practices when creating an Oracle database.

  • Match the ZFS recordsize property to the Oracle db_block_size.

  • Create database table and index file systems in main database pool, using an 8 KB recordsize and the default primarycache value.

  • Create temp data and undo table space file systems in the main database pool, using default recordsize and primarycache values.

  • Create archive log file system in the archive pool, enabling compression and default recordsize value and primarycache set to metadata.

For more information, see the following white paper: