Extract WSS Timestamp


You can use the Extract WSS Timestamp filter to extract a WSS Header Timestamp from a message. The timestamp is stored in a specified message attribute so that it can be processed later in a policy. This filter requires the WSS Header block to have been extracted previously. For more details, see the Extract WSS Header filter.

Typically, the Validate Timestamp filter is used to retrieve the timestamp from the specified message attribute and validate it. The Validate Timestamp filter is available from the Content Filtering filter category. For more details, see the Validate Timestamp filter.


Configure the following fields on the Extract WSS Timestamp filter configuration screen:


Enter an appropriate name for this filter.

Message Attribute to Contain the Timestamp:

When the API Gateway extracts the WSS Header Timestamp from the message at runtime, it stores the timestamp in the specified message attribute. If you wish to validate the timestamp later in the policy, you must specify this message attribute in the configuration screen for the Validate Timestamp filter.