The XML Decryption filter is responsible for decrypting data in XML messages based on the settings configured in the XML-Decryption Settings filter.

The XML-Decryption Settings filter generates the decryption.properties message attribute based on configuration settings. The XML-Decryption filter uses these properties to perform the decryption of the data.


Enter an appropriate name for the filter in the Name field.

Auto-generation using the XML Decryption Wizard

Because the XML Decryption filter must always be paired with an XML Decryption Settings filter, the Policy Studio provides a wizard that can generate both of these filters at the same time. To use the wizard, right-click a policy node under the Policies node in the Policy Studio tree, and select XML Decryption Settings.

Configure the fields on the XML Decryption Settings dialog as explained in the XML-Decryption Settings topic. When finished, an XML Decryption Settings filter is created along with an XML Decryption filter.