SMTP Routing


You can use the SMTP Routing filter to relay messages to an email recipient using a configured SMTP server.

General Settings

Complete the following general settings:


Specify a descriptive name for this SMTP Server.

SMTP Server Settings:

Click the button on the right, and select a pre-configured SMTP Server in the tree. To add an SMTP Server, right-click the SMTP Servers tree node, and select Add an SMTP Server. Alternatively, you can configure SMTP Servers under the External Connections node in the Policy Studio tree. For more details, see the topic on SMTP Servers.

Message Settings

Complete the following fields in the Message Settings section of the screen:


Enter the email address of the recipient(s) of the messages. You can enter multiple addresses by separating each one using a semicolon. For example:;;


Enter some text as the Subject of the email messages.

Send content as attachment:

Select whether to send the message content as an attachment. This setting is not selected by default. In Oracle API Gateway 6.2 and earlier versions, the SMTP Routing filter always sent the message content as an attachment.