Introduction to API Service Manager


API Service Manager is a web-based system administration tool available in API Gateway Manager. It provides quick and easy access to enable you to manage your services and policies online. For example, you can perform tasks such as the following:

Accessing API Service Manager

You can access API Service Manager from the web-based API Gateway Manager tool. For more details, see the section called “Launching API Gateway Manager”.

Creating your API Service Manager Workspace

When you have successfully authenticated in API Gateway Manager, you must first create a workspace for your API Gateway Manager working configuration:

  1. Click the API Service Manager button in the API Gateway Manager toolbar.

  2. Select the group and API Gateway instance that you wish to use (for example, Group1 and APIServer1).

  3. Click the Create button to create the workspace.

  4. Enter the configuration passphrase (if one exists for this API Gateway instance), and click OK This creates a working copy of the selected configuration in your workspace, and displays the main API Services tab.

You can have zero or one working configuration in your workspace at a time, and you can deploy a configuration at any time to a group or a subset of API Gateways in a group. You can also reset the working configuration, or select a different one from the list of available API Gateway groups and instances.

[Note] Note

Session management (login and logout) is tracked in the API Gateway Manager session. When you log out of API Gateway Manager, your session expires. However, any updates that you have not yet deployed in API Service Manager remain unchanged in your working configuration. This configuration is persisted in your workspace and is available at your next login.

Deploying to a Group

To deploy configuration updates to a group of API Gateways or a subset of API Gateways in a group, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Actions -> Deploy on the left in the API Services tab.

  2. In the Deployment Wizard, select the group and API Gateway instance(s) to which you wish to deploy the current working configuration, and click the Next.

  3. Enter a comment for this deployment (for example, registering google search service).

  4. Click Deploy.

  5. Click Finish.

Resetting your Configuration

To reset the current working configuration in API Service Manager, click Actions -> Discard on the left in the API Services tab, and click OK. This brings you back to the list of available API Gateway configurations, where you can select another configuration to create a new workspace.

Resetting the configuration resets the API Service Manager working configuration back to the currently deployed API Gateway configuration. This enables you to discard any undeployed configuration updates, in your workspace, and to obtain the latest deployed configuration updates from the Admin Node Manager.