Policy Shortcut


The Policy Shortcut filter enables you to reuse the functionality of one policy in another policy. For example, you could create a policy called Security Tokens that inserts various security tokens into the message. You can then create a policy that calls this policy using a Policy Shortcut filter.

In this way, you can adopt a design pattern of building up reusable pieces of functionality in separate policies, and then bringing them together when required using a Policy Shortcut filter. For example, you can create modular reusable policies to perform specific tasks, such as authentication, content-filtering, or logging, and call them as required using a Policy Shortcut filter.

For details on how to create a sequence of policy shortcuts in a single policy, see the Policy Shortcut Chain filter.


Complete the following fields to configure the Policy Shortcut filter:


Enter an appropriate name for the filter.

Policy Shortcut:

Select the policy that you want to reuse from the tree. You can search for a specific policy by entering its name in the text box, and the policy tree is filtered automatically. The policy in which this Policy Shortcut filter is configured calls the selected policy when it is executed.

[Tip] Tip

Alternatively, to speed up policy shortcut configuration, you can drag a policy from the tree on the left of the Policy Studio and drop it on to the policy canvas on the right. This automatically configures the fields for the selected policy.